USS Healy

Welcome to the Jungle

Posted on 10 Feb 2021 @ 20:06 by Captain Aaron Hanover & Chief Warrant Officer 5 Elliot Price & Commander Eneas Clio & Commander Charles Ainsworth

Mission: Fall of the Lion
Location: Various Locations, USS Healy
Timeline: Mission Day 1 at 1115

[Chief Operations Officer's Office]

Charles was reviewing reports in his office regarding the recent modular changes on the Healy. The flexibility of the vessel was something that Charles greatly appreciated. He was always impressed with some of the new technology and flexibility that Starfleet created. As he was reviewing the report, he heard the familiar sounds regarding an all-hands announcement. Charles placed the PaDD down and looked upward listening in to the Captain speaking.

"Command Team report to my ready room immediately," Captain Hanover ordered.

With that, Charles stood up and adjusted his uniform and grabbed a few status report PaDDs and a clean one to take notes on.

[Executive Officer's Office]

Since they hadn't launched the ship yet and Clio didn't exactly have a lot to do until they did, she'd been checking the latest intelligence reports on the Romulan situation. Same thing she'd been doing for most of the last month, but there was a lot to sift through. The call to meet Captain Hanover in the ready room was something of a relief, though the word 'immediately' and the tone of his voice suggested that things were about to get a little hectic, as did the order to prepare the ship to leave. She grabbed the PADD with the most recent reports on it and tucked it under her arm before heading out onto the bridge.

[Ready Room]

Charles reached the ready room fairly quickly considering he was just on the other side of the deck. He had passed through the bridge and watched the increased activity for a brief moment. He nodded to the Officer of the Deck and made his way to the door.

Charles reached out and pushed the button for the chime, awaiting the Captain to allow him entrance.

Clio nodded at Charles as she came up beside him. It was pretty clear that he was just waiting for the captain to answer the door chime, so she didn't bother pushing the button.

"Enter," came the word from inside. Captain Hanover was sitting at his desk reviewing the operations orders that just appeared on his screen. He sent the destination to the First Lieutenant to have it programmed into the helm and the course laid in. "Commanders," he said when the two walked in. "As you know we've been sent on a mission, a rescue mission, lets give the Bos'n a few minutes before we get started.

"I don't suppose it has anything to do with an explosion picked up in Romulan space." Clio took the PADD from under her arm so she could pull up that specific report while they waited.

"Wouldn't just happen to be a coincidence, would it?" Charles said looking between Clio and Hanover. Knowing this wouldn't be answered until the Bos'n reported in, Charles pulled up the ships current readiness status.

“I would say it’s certainly not a coincidence,” Aaron said, with a sigh. He leaned back from his chair after acknowledging the order from the admiral.

“Hell’s bells Captain,” the Bos’n said, bursting through the doors as best as someone could through automatic sliding doors. He and the Executive Officer had automatic entrance into the ready room programmed into their command codes. “I was just cracking open the engine on Rush.” He wore a dirty pair of coveralls that appeared a couple of designs old.

“Good of you to join us Bos’n,” Aaron said, with a grin. He was always amused with the Bos’n and his colorfulness.

“Ma’am,” the Chief Warrant Officer 5 said, as he took up a space along the bulkhead by the desk. “Commander,” he said,” nodding first to the XO and then the SWO.

"It's not his fault, Bos'n. I don't think Command gave us much notice on this one." Even with as long as she'd been in the fleet before, Clio didn't get called "ma'am" very often, and she couldn't help a grin at it. Especially from someone as colorful as the Bos'n.

"Well of course not," the Bos'n responded. "Usually when the ship just suddenly goes from maintenance to getting underway with no notice it's not the Captain's plan. But I had plans missy," he said, clearing his throat and then running a finger through the end of his mustache. "So what do we have sir?"

"The USS Leo is an Aquarius Class ship that was operating within Romulan territory. They were waiting on the signal to extricate a marine special operations team and were monitoring communications and activity when the ship had an explosion. As far as we know their warp engines are completely disabled and they are unable to handle the repairs on their own. We will need to assist in repairs and take over the extrication mission. We will be operating right on the Imperial-Free State line," he said, his tone becoming more serious.

"This is a covert mission gone wrong," he added, for emphasis.

"Shit, that's even worse than I thought. We'll be racing both of them, and they have a head start." Looking down at the PADD she was carrying, Clio skimmed over the report about the explosion again, but there was little more information than that. But she knew there was no chance that either Romulan state had somehow missed the explosion on their borders. One side or the other might even have a warbird on site already, and if it was cloaked they wouldn't know until it was too late.

"Have we heard from the marine team yet?" Charles asked as his mind began racing. This was going to take some coordination to ensure the marines were supported while securing the Leo and its crew.

"The Leo has not indicated that the team is prepared for extrication, however, they do have a functional shuttle aboard the ship if that need arises before we get there. They are also reporting loose contact with a Romulan ship but nothing concrete. We would anticipate the planet the marines are operating on would have picked the explosion up."

"Fuck sir," the Bos'n said, standing up straight. "There's no way they don't know that the ship is there... the question is what resources can they afford to delegate. The Free State I assume knows that we are there and are fine with it and the Empire is so resource depleted they might not be able to respond," he pointed out.

"Can't confirm or deny," Hanover said. "We also have no idea what in resources the planetary base has... Clio can probably dig into that some more. I've requested to be given full access to the mission profile but likely that access will be limited to the four of us."

"I'll see what I can get through official channels, but our best bet may be my contacts in the Beta Quadrant." While it was fairly common knowledge where most of her people resided, Clio wasn't going to say aloud just who those contacts were. You never knew who was listening in, even in supposedly private rooms. "Either way, I'll get what we need."

"Admiral Bahe seems to have no doubt in that," Aaron said, having finally found out who had sent him his executive officer just a few days ago. He wasn't sure why but he wanted her to know that he was able to do that. "Commander I want you to go and make all preparations to get underway you have the bridge," he said, dismissing the Operations Officer.

"Very well sir," Charles replied as he turned to leave the office and step foot onto the bridge. He couldn't help but feel as though he was just removed from the inner circle.

"Fuck sir, good to have a spook on the command team," he said, eying the intelligence officer up and down for a moment. "Though you can never trust them too much I suspect she's a good egg," he said, stroking his mustache. "Admiral Bahe knows his people."

"Now that depends on who you ask. There are some who consider me a rather rotten egg." Clio smirked at the Bos'n, though she suppressed the laugh that nearly bubbled out. "I've worked with Ben a lot, just not recently. When this was his ship, it always seemed to be the Healy that came to my rescue when I needed it. As far as having a spook on the command team... might find it comes in handy in the next few weeks."

“Hopefully,” Aaron said, pausing. “I’ll fill in the department heads, you start gathering intel.”