USS Healy

Wounded Lion

Posted on 16 Jan 2021 @ 11:30 by Captain Aaron Hanover & Rear Admiral Shri’ar Th’chenass

Mission: Fall of the Lion
Location: USS Healy, Airlock
Timeline: Mission Day 1 at 1100

Captain Hanover had just come back aboard the Healy after a meeting with a Marine Colonel on Starbase 10. They were discussing the attachment of a Marine Special Operations Team as the Healy changed theater of operations from the Third to the Fifth Fleet per Special Operations Command. Unfortunately, their previous team, which was larger, was required to remain in their previous area of operations leaving a new team to come aboard Healy. While the Special Ops team had reported to him approximately three weeks ago now there was a final meeting with the Fleet’s Special Operations commander to cross and dot the appropriate letters.

“Welcome back sir,” the watchstander, a MA3 said. “We just got word from the bridge that you have an incoming message from Admiral... Admiral,” the MA3 said, starting to look uncomfortable.

“Th’chenass?” the captain asked, with a smirk?

“Yes sir,” the MA3 nodded. “Reported it was urgent.”

“Alright, thanks, inform the bridge I’ll take it in my ready room I’ll be there momentarily.”

“Admiral,” Hanover said, as he took his seat and the Andorian appeared on his console. “I was just coming back aboard the ship when you called, I apologize for the delay.”

The Admiral’s antenna were at attention as his eyes narrowed at the Captain, he wasn’t serious enough for Special Operations Command, the admiral thought. Why Admiral Bahe thought that this man or this ship was beyond him. It felt like some strange attachment to the Admiral’s previous command but he knew that his boss was smarter than that so he would do his best to at least not share his judgment until Hanover had a chance to prove himself one way or another.

“Nothing to apologize for Captain, a Commander’s job is never done,” he said, knowingly. “We have an urgent matter,” he said, his antennae on the right flinching slightly as he said the word urgent.

“Sir?” Hanover asked.

“The USS Leo was deployed with their marine squad to a planet within Romulan territory and was waiting for extrication of the team when they had an explosion on board. The explosion affected the ship's ability to extend and retract their nacelles and they are currently retracted. Even if they were deplorable the alignment which apparently has been a chronic issue for the ship will be off and cause propulsion problems at warp. We need the Healy to render aid immediately.”

“Understood sir, we have to conduct a crew recall I estimate we can be underway between two and three hours from disconnect,” Hanover said, the wheels turning in his head already as the words of the announcement formed in his mind.

"That is sufficient," the Andorian responded. "Operations orders and location details will be sent via secure message to you from the operations officer. That is all," he said, and the screen went blank.

Hanover frowned at the screensaver and then pushed a button opening up a shipwide address system, "Duty Officer make all preparations to get underway, set the maneuvering watch, recall all crew to the ship. Command Team report to my ready room immediately," he ordered, and then clicked off the system. His commbadge chimed with the Duty Officer acknowledging the orders and confirming that things were in motion.