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It is 2420 and the Federation-Klingon-Romulan Confederation is starting to dissolve due to the fracturing of the Romulan Empire into two factions. The two factions become the Romulan Star Empire, wary of the Federation, and the Romulan Free State, a potential ally of the Federation. The Klingons continue their relationship with the Federation, but they are not on the best of terms with the Romulans. This fracturing of the Confederation has thrown the galaxy into a cold-war-like state and has required both a military and diplomatic response from the Federation and Starfleet.

The USS Healy, an Insignia Class Heavy Cruiser, has been assigned to the Fifth Fleet. With its modular design, the Healy will provide a multifaceted platform for operations along (and behind) the Romulan-Federation border in this time of turmoil. The Healy carries embarks a standard crew complement, fleet mobile command post, an intelligence detachment, and a marine special operations team.

All members must be eighteen years of age or older to join.

Latest News Items

» Point of Merit

Posted on 17 Jan 2021 @ 15:23 by Captain Aaron Hanover in Fifth Fleet News

Yesterday the Fifth Fleet introduced a new award to the fleet's award system.

The Point of Merit is awarded by a member of the Fleet Operations Group to point out an outstanding action or contribution to the Fifth Fleet. This is awarded at the discretion of the Fleet Operations Group for immediate recognition of this special action or contribution of the member.

A member of the Healy crew was one of the inaugural recipients of the award! Aaron aka RedBird aka CDR Ainsworth was awarded the Point of Merit for being instrumental in the construction and discussion of a Fleet Charter that is currently being discussed by the Fleet’s Leadership for ratification and to structure our fleet moving forward.

On behalf of the Fleet Leadership and Membership, I would like to thank Aaron for his outstanding work and dedication to our organization.

Commanding Officer/Game Master, USS Healy
Fleet Executive Officer, The Fifth Fleet

» Now Recruiting

Posted on 16 Jan 2021 @ 17:00 by Captain Aaron Hanover in Healy News

Welcome to the USS Healy website! We are now open and recruiting for crew members. Please excuse our appearance as we transition from one ship to another. You may note some biographies are empty as we make the transition but these are all existing or previous crew members. Anyone who is new to the group must submit a complete application to be accepted. Any questions please contact a member of our Command Team via Discord.

-Stephen, GM

Latest Mission Posts

» Pulling a Few Strings

Mission: Prologue: Just Like Planned
Posted on 16 Jan 2021 @ 13:31 by Commander Eneas Clio & Admiral Benjamin Bahe

"I hope it's not too early to be bothering you, Clio," Bahe grinned, as she answered his call. It had been years since the two saw each other or even communicated. They'd served together multiple times in the past both aboard his command and in other places within the Special…

» Wounded Lion

Mission: Fall of the Lion
Posted on 16 Jan 2021 @ 11:30 by Captain Aaron Hanover & Rear Admiral Shri’ar Th’chenass

Captain Hanover had just come back aboard the Healy after a meeting with a Marine Colonel on Starbase 10. They were discussing the attachment of a Marine Special Operations Team as the Healy changed theater of operations from the Third to the Fifth Fleet per Special Operations Command. Unfortunately, their…