USS Healy
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Second Stop

Posted on 26 Feb 2018 @ 7:44pm by Lieutenant Commander Tyis Agaax & Captain Jason Wilcox

Mission: Mission 0: The Healy Returns
Location: XO's Office
Timeline: 03 FEB 2394, 16:00

Jason had seen most of the senior staff today. Most came to his office, one even came to him during lunch. All in all, it had been an interesting day. There was only one last officer left who hadn't reported in. His door chimed once again. "Enter" he called.

After meeting with the Captain, Tyis was now seeking the XO. He'd put an inquiring to the computer and was now on his way to meet with the other officer.

"Commander Agaax, if I'm not mistaken?" Jason asked as the Betazoid man stepped in.

"Yes, Tyis Agaax, nice to meet you sir." Tyis said extending a hand.

Jason half-rose and shook the man's hand. "Welcome, commander." As he sunk down in his chair, "Do you have your orders with you?"

"I've actually already delivered them to the Captain." Tyis said, "But I wanted to meet with you to draw up a schedule to conduct readiness drills and make sure the crew is ready before we ship out." He said taking a seat across from the XO.

With a raised eyebrow he looked at Tyis. A mental note was filed away, but in the name of good working relationship he chose not to remark about the commander sitting without invitation. "I see. I've already drawn up a schedule for a number of drills, including for the security and tactical departments. They're just timeslots at the moment, so feel free to fill them in as you see fit."

Jason reached for a PADD behind him and handed it to Tyis. "There you go."

"Thank you sir. Is there anything else you'd like to get shorted at the present moment?" Tyis asked glancing at the PADD for a moment before returning his attention to the XO.

"Just the basics. I'd like an ammunition count and a full armory count to check that we're fully loaded. Besides that get acquainted with your department and make yourself at home."

"Aye sir." Tyis said getting to his feet. "If there's nothing else I'll get to work, you'll have the armoury report on your desk first thing in the morning."

"Thank you commander." Jason nodded, "Dismissed." And with that Jason picked up the PADD he was reading.

Tyis nodded and left the office without another word, heading for his own to get to work.


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