USS Healy
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Checking in

Posted on 05 Apr 2018 @ 8:04pm by Lieutenant Commander Tullos & Rear Admiral Benjamin Bahe

Mission: Mission 0: The Healy Returns
Location: Captain's Ready Room
Timeline: 07 FEB 2394

Lieutenant Commander Tullos spent the night aboard the Healy he had dinner in his quarters, put away his belongings, and managed to review the ship specifications in detail. The Insignia Class was an impressive vessel and Tullos was looking forward to tinkering with her systems and getting to know the ship and her crew.

After waking up and having a cup of replicated Bolian joe he was on his way to meet the Commanding Officer. From what Tullos had heard about his new Captain, he was already impressed and he hadn't even met the man yet. It wasn't long until the blue-skinned Bolian exited the turbo lift and made his way across the bridge, tapping the chime on the outside of the door.

Inside of the ready room Benjamin had just been getting settled in himself he was arranging a couple PADDs that seemed to have appeared during the night when the chime sounded. He frowned imagining the breakfast he'd planned on replicating disappearing from the top of his desk.

"Enter," Ben called.

The tall Bolian officer adjusted his uniform and stepped inside quickly after the doors swooshed open and the Operations Officer reported: "Lieutenant Commander Tullos, reporting as ordered sir" he presented a PADD and noticed the organized stack on the CO's desk.

"Thank you," he said, taking the PADD. "Have a seat, commander, tell me about yourself."

Taking the offered seat Tullos gave a smile and gave a polite "thank you sir". "I can tell you I'm very excited to get to know our ship and her crew" he said still wearing his smile.

"That's all you have to tell?" Ben asked.

"I rather enjoy being part of a Starfleet crew" he smiled and continued "and my parents are both Starfleet Officers as well sir. Anything particular you would like to know sir?" the Bolian asked.

"No," he said, cryptically. "Have you served aboard an Insignia or ship comparable to its size or bigger before?"

"No sir," Tullos said in return and his tone quickly perked up "however I'll know the ship like the back of my hand in no time, sir," he said confidently.

"I would like you to please meet with the XO and go over some review of command operations on the bridge so we can have you in an Officer of the Deck slot as soon as possible." Ben leaned forward in his chair and tapped on his keyboard he wrote a quick note to the XO and sent it off regarding what he'd just told Tullos. "Well if you have no other concerns you may go," he said, leaning back in his chair agian.

"Thank you sir" the Bolian said standing from his chair and with a slight nod and a smile exiting the ready room.


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