USS Healy
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Posted on 06 Mar 2018 @ 7:47pm by Lieutenant Junior Grade April Novak MD & Lieutenant Commander Franziska Ekke MD

Mission: Mission 0: The Healy Returns
Location: Counselor's Office

When April had finished checking in with the CMO she had checked in with the medical front desk and reviewed her record with the on-duty MSA. As it turned out she was over her year for a mental health check-up so reluctantly she went to the Counselor's aide.

"Excuse me," she said, to him. "I'm Doctor Novak and it turns out I went over my year for mental health is there a chance I could be squeezed in?" she asked, giving him a smile and slight puppy dog eyes.

The young Bajoran's face brightened when the pretty blonde approached him and he straightened his shoulders. "Doctor Novak, yes, hi!" he said, returning her smile. With a quick glance at today's agenda, his smile turned into a grimace and he noted, "I don't know if we can get you in today, though... The counselor's plate is pretty full."

He made a concerted effort to not laugh at saying that Counselor Ekke's plate was full. The heavily pregnant psychiatrist wasn't often seen without a snack these days, and Bauer Noal often wondered if his boss wasn't actually carrying multiples. "I could waitlist you?"

“Please, it’s kind of hampering me getting to work. I suppose I could always check on the base,” she frowned.

"Oh, geez, you're that new, huh?" He frowned sympathetically and started scanning through the schedule again. "Well, maybe if her current appointment ends exactly on time..." This patient didn't have the best track record, though.

But in a stroke of serendipitous luck, the door to the counselor's office actually swept open in that moment. A tall Trill man stepped out first, followed by a very short Haliian woman with a tremendously popped belly. They spoke quietly for a moment and the woman patted the man on the arm before he left. Turning her attention to Noal, the woman asked, "That's it before lunch?"

"Um, actually..." he glanced hopefully at Doctor Novak and said, "A review slot was just added for Doctor Novak."

April was surprised to see how pregnant the counselor was and couldn’t help but admire it. She gave the woman a smile it was nice to see someone else as vertically challenged as her.

The counselor returned the smile and said, "Review. Yes, of course. Come on in."

When she was invited into the office she mouthed at the secretary: “Thanks, I owe you.”

Noal grinned at her and half-waved as the door shut, then immediately felt silly for the gesture. Quickly, he sat back in his seat and tried to busy himself.

Inside the office, Franzi walked slowly to her armchair and settled herself before saying, "Please help yourself to the replicator. Sit anywhere you'd like."

"Thank you, ma'am," she said, electing to skip the replicator and took the seat nearest the counselor. She looked at the woman anxiously distracted by her pregnant state and feeling self-conscious as she realized her eyes had drifted to her round abdomen.

"Only a few more weeks to go," Franzi stated, noticing the woman's curiosity. Her hand gently patted the belly. "If she was fully Haliian, she'd be here by now, but I guess humans need extra bake time." Smiling, she continued, "It was Dr. Novak, wasn't it?"

She gave her a small smile, "yes ma'am, but call me April."

"Nice to meet you, April. I'm Franzi." With a bit of a stretch, the counselor reached for her PADD, which was set at the edge of her desk. When she had it in hand, she pulled up the record she'd be working with and said, "Why don't you tell me a little bit about where you come from and why you joined Starfleet?"

"Most of my life was spent on Earth though I wasn't born there," she explained. "My father was in Starfleet and my mother wasn't a fan and so they weren't together. My father doesn't even know that I exist... but I found out where he is," she said. "I'm just not sure what to do about it," she said, starting to look a little anxious. "He's here," she admitted finally, as if she'd done something wrong.

Franzi's brows raised slightly. "Here, as in aboard the Healy?"

“Yeah,” She said, blushing. She was embarrassed and worried about what the counselor might do. Obviously the woman would be acquainted with the Commanding Officer she was a senior officer.

“The captain,” she said, barely audible.

For a long moment, Franzi was silent and her large brown eyes searched the face of the young woman sitting next to her.

April swallowed worried about the silence. Was she going to tell him? Was she going to get her transferred? Was she crazy for requesting her father’s command when he didn’t even know she existed.

Finally, a moment of clarity spread over her face and she felt a swell of emotion. "Of course," Franzi said quietly—delighted yet attempting to remain professional. "Of course... you have his nose!"

April went from a frightened look to a confused look, “his nose?” She asked. She was surprised that she’d even make that sort of connection of her boss and his long lost nonexistent daughter.

The counselor, with some effort, set the PADD aside. "I am about to give you information, April, and you will need to decide whether or not I may continue to counsel you in this matter. Do you understand?"

April just nodded, confused.

"Ben— Captain Bahe and I are romantically involved."

"Th-thats my brother or sister?" she asked, pointing to Franzi's abdomen. She wasn't sure how that was her first reaction to this information. Then as she thought about confusion grew on her face as she realized how cool Franzi seemed to be about this news.

The cool demeanor masked a maelstrom of excitement, fear, and a hormonal urge to tightly hug the young woman. Instead, Franzi nodded and said, "Sister."

"You're not going to tell him are you?" April asked, nervously.

Franzi shook her head. "That's not for me to tell."

"I-I guess we should do our interview," she said, making a poor attempt to get back on mission.

"Are you sure? We can continue to talk about it, if you want."

"I think I just want to get cleared for duty," April said, anxiously.

Although Franzi was unconvinced, she nodded and replied, "All right, let's continue."


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