USS Healy

Words spoken

Posted on 15 Mar 2019 @ 5:11pm by Captain Jason Wilcox

Mission: Emergent Conflict
Location: Healy Bridge
Timeline: 21 MAR 2395 - 1358

As soon as the Healy exited warp the Gilgamesh moved closer. The Intrepid-class ship assigned to Starfleet Intelligence looked rather small to the Healy, as if the Healy would swallow it whole.

Jason had taken his seat on the bridge. It still felt odd to call it his seat, even after over a year of command somewhere in the back of his head he thought of it as Ben's chair.

"Incoming transmission from the Gilgamesh." reported a deep basso voice from the Operations console. "Put it on screen lieutenant." Jason answered.

The same woman appeared on screen, now with a more annoyed expression. "Captain Wilcox, you are late." Her clipped words made any possible doubt about her frustrations disappear.

In stark contrast, Jason looked for all the world as if it did not perturb him in the slightest, "That's a matter of perspective. But we are here now, captain...?" Jason asked with a lingering question.

"Abigail McKenna." She replied. She smoothed over her face, dismissing much of the annoyance in there. "Captain, we need to have a word over a secured connection."

Jason glanced at Lieutenant Max Sutton, his on-duty Ops officer. The dark man nodded, and in that same rumbling voice, "Transferring connection to your office, sir." Jason then turned to Aiofe in the seat right of his. "You have the bridge." He then made his way to his office.

Ten minutes later Jason's office door slid open. The man that stepped out did not entirely look the same as the man that went in. His mood had clearly taken a turn for the worst. "Aiofe, with me." Jason ordered as he made his way to the rear turbo lifts.