USS Healy
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Reporting Aboard

Posted on 06 Feb 2018 @ 11:30pm by Lieutenant Commander Tyis Agaax & Rear Admiral Benjamin Bahe

Mission: Mission 0: The Healy Returns
Location: USS Healy, Ready Room
Timeline: 03 FEB 2394, 14:00

Tyis gave his tunic a quick tug before tapping the chime on the door to the ready room. He'd been aboard less than half an hour, having his few personal effects taken to his quarters. He wanted to report in and get to work as quickly as possible.

"Enter," Benjamin called, he'd been planning on going to surprise Franzi but now it would need to wait. He happened to have been heading toward the door of his Ready Room and so he stopped and waited to see who would be on the other side.

"Captain," He said with a nod, "Commander Agaax, your new tactical officer." He said handing his orders over.

"Thanks," Benjamin said, accepting the PADD. He glanced it over quickly and then looked back up at the officer before him. "I am under the impression that you've qualified Officer of the Deck aboard a ship comparable to the Healy?" he said, motioning the man toward the couch.

"Yes sir, aboard the USS Audacious, Sovereign class." He said, sitting down on the couch.

"Perfect," Bahe replied. "I would like you to take on the additional duty of Second Officer."

"I'd be honored sir." He said settling on the couch slightly. "Do we know when we will be deploying?"

"I haven't spoken to Admiral Avery about specifics but I would guess we won't be at the base long. Just time enough to get crew exchanges complete and resupply before we head into the unknown. If I had to guess a couple weeks?"

"Very well sir." Tyis said, "I'd like to begin readiness drills once the new crew are aboard and make sure we're ready for whatever we may encounter once we deploy."

"Get with the Executive Officer and the Command Master Chief and get that all scheduled," Ben said. "In fact, I will leave you to reporting to the XO if you don't have any questions for me?" he said. "I believe your predecessor is still aboard as well and is probably eager to complete handover and sign out."

"Of course sir, I will meet with them right away. I don't believe I have any questions. Unless there's anything else you need from me at the present time?" He asked getting to his feet.

"Nothing else, dismissed," Ben said, pleasantly.

"Aye sir." The Commander said with a nod, before leaving the readyroom and getting to work.


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