USS Healy
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The Eagle Three

Posted on 19 Feb 2019 @ 7:09pm by Lieutenant Kesari Lor & Civilian Veznia

Mission: Mission 0: The Healy Returns
Location: The Opal Room
Timeline: 21 April, 2395 - 1832 Hours

Kesari sat at the bar in the Opal Room, playing with the straw in her multicolored drink. She was thinking about Captain Wilcox's visit to her lab earlier in the day and the logistical quandary he had posed to her. How would she set up a miniature vineyard in the science wing?

As she got lost in thought, her gaze settled on a woman who entered the lounge. For some reason, she looked familiar—a short, round-faced Denobulan with a bright expression. Kesari sipped slowly on her drink as she wracked her brain. Then she realized: "You're one of the Eagle Three!"

Veznia guffawed as she took the seat next to Kesari. “Is that what they’re calling us?” She asked.

"Indeed," Kesari replied in earnest, not hiding the fact that she was looking over the newcomer. Inside, she was kicking herself for not having a tricorder with her. Doesn't she always have one? Regardless, she could probably dig up the scientific readings that were made when the shuttlecraft was picked up over a decade ago. "You look remarkable for your age."

The Denobulan’s eyes went wide. “Ummm... thank you?” She was a little unsure how best to respond to that statement.

"You're welcome!" the Trill replied happily. "I've met--" Kesari lowered her voice. "I've met a few other dimensional travelers. You're my first time traveler, though. That I know of."

Vez smiled a wide Denobulan smile. “Well it’s not all it’s cracked up be. There’s a lot to remember... and the food, don’t get me started on the food.” She sighed.

"What happened to the food?"

The Denobulan leaned in. “Honey, it’s not real...” she looked extremely concerned at the revelation.

"Aboard the ships?" Kesari pondered this assertion and decided, "I suppose. It depends on how you define 'real.'" She reached out and picked up an uttaberry from a garnish dish. "This fruit, assuming it wasn't brought in fresh, is comprised of the same molecules as the 'real' thing."

Veznia frowned. “Well it certainly doesn’t taste real.” She looked into Kesari’s eyes and sighed softly. “ So what is it you do?”

Kesari shrugged and popped the uttaberry into her mouth. It certainly tasted real to her. Maybe she didn't know any better. It was tart and juicy; the texture seemed fine, and its skin even stuck to her teeth a little bit. "Science," she answered. "Kesari Lor. I read about your incident in the Daystrom journal."

A squeak escaped from Vez. “I was a Medical Officer.” She beamed. “We're just like a pod of peas!”

"Yes, but you've gone into diplomacy, correct?" Kesari twisted the neck of her straw and took another long sip. "I've only known one diplomat. He was a grouch." For some reason, she sounded almost wistful as she said this.

“I hope I’m not a grouch.” Veznia looked concerned when in reality she had no idea what the word meant. “Anywho, nice ship you’ve got here.”

"It's not bad." The Trill shrugged a little and finished her drink. She slid the glass toward the bartender and said, "Nothing too exciting. Certainly no encounters with spacial anomalies. You might be disappointed."

“I’m just happy to feel useful.” The Denobulan shrugged and laughed. “I’m eager to see the Ship’s Diplomatic facilities.”

With a shake of her head, Kesari replied, "I cannot help you there." She was curious, however, what 'diplomatic facilities' looked like. Perhaps a conference room... with a diplomacy raygun. "But if you find yourself in the science department, you're welcome to a tour."

Vez pushed herself to a standing position. “Lead the way, Kesari was it?”

"That's correct," she replied. Kesari hopped down from her seat and noticed that her new acquaintance was only slightly taller than her. "Finally, someone of a reasonable height. Follow me." Although she was feeling tipsy, there was no time like the present to play tour guide. "We'll start in cartography—it's stellar!"

Veznia guffawed at the pun and nearly lost balance. “You are a refreshing glass of water, Kesari.”


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