USS Healy
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Knock, Knock, Knocking on Captain’s Door

Posted on 21 Feb 2019 @ 7:38pm by Civilian Veznia & Captain Jason Wilcox

Mission: Mission 0: The Healy Returns
Location: Captains Ready Room
Timeline: April 21, 2395-1000Hours

Veznia strode through the stark gangways of Healy trying to look as official as possible. She wore a stark charcoal gray suit of Betazoid design, with heeled shoes the clicked distractingly as she walked. The Denobulan smiled wide and greeted each person that passed, all while cursing herself for not sticking to the hard shell she was trying to commit to.

Before too long, and after a series of wrong turns got her locked in a airlock, Veznia finally found herself at the Captains Ready Room. She had been eager to return to shipboard life and hoped sincerely that this was a good place to be. She reached out and knocked rapidly on the heavy metal door.

Jason looked up sharply. He had been engrossed in a personal letter. The knocking was odd, 'Why didn't they use the chime...' He wondered. "Enter!"

Veznia searched her mind for the necessary buttons to press on the control panel , she was painfully afraid of embarrassing herself and that’s just what she was about to do. She knocked again. “Could you let me in please?” She asked through the sealed door.

With a tiny sigh Jason rose, and walked to the door. He pressed the the appropriate key and the door slid open. "Is the console damaged?"

Veznia’s eyes went wide. “No sir, I don’t think so.” She smiled a distinctly Denobulan smile and pushed her hand towards the Captain in Greeting. “Doctor Veznia, the new Diplomatic Officer assigned to Healy.”

"I see..." Jason said, then stepped out of the door. "Come in doctor."

Veznia cheerfully walked into the well appointed office and rounded the desk. She let out an impressed whistle. “This is where they put up Starfleet Captains now eh?” She sat in his chair and spun.

Jason was stunned. He hadn't been a captain for all that long, but he hadn't heard of anyone stepping into a captain's office and taking the captain's chair behind the captain's desk. After a moment of simple confusion he said, "Please get out of my chair."

Veznia looked so embarrassed. “Of course! I’m so sorry.” She stood quickly. Too quickly. She stumbled forward and knocked the chair back as she fell. “Sorry!” She said a little too loudly from the floor.

With a shake of his head, Jason stepped around the desk and helped Veznia up. "Why don't you take a seat at the other side of the desk."

She nodded, looking rather embarrassed and rounded the desk. She took a seat hastily and folded her hands on her lap.

The captain positioned himself in his own chair and leaned forward, his hands folded and resting on his desk. "Now what can I do for you doctor?"

“ I wanted to check in with you.” She looked confused. “ Is that no longer customary on a Starship?”

"Usually new staff check in with our XO. But welcome aboard doctor. Do you have your transfer paperwork for us?"

Veznia’s eyes went wide with fear. “I umm was told that would be sent ahead of me.” She shook her head in confusion before adding a quick, “Sir.”

With a quiet shake of his head, Jason resigned himself. "We'll process that later then. Talk to Commander Burke, my XO, next. She'll arrange quarters and guest restrictions for you until the paperwork is put through."

Veznia gulped deeply, remembering her current situation.“With respect, I fall outside of your regular chain of command Captain, as I’m serving the Federation Corps of Diplomats, not Starfleet. I would prefer to be spoken to with some dignity, not dismissed like a first year cadet.” For the first time she realized her voice had been rising.

"My apologies, doctor, that you felt I was dismissive, it was not my intent to give you the impression you are unwelcome on my ship. However, that is where you are, my ship. And I'm trying to get my ship ready to depart the outpost in the next fourty-eight hours. Commander Burke is in charge of incoming guests, passengers, and staff, that is why I am referring you to her, so that you can get settled in and we can get underway." You couldn't call Jason's tone cold, he still had the same professional and friendly tone, but something in his body language and inflection communicated he felt their conversation was coming to an end.

Veznia raise an eyebrow and pursed her plump lips. She held that face a moment before breaking into a warm, and wide, Denobulan smile. “Apology accepted Captain.” She stood and turned away from him. “ I will contact the Federation Corps of Diplomats directly and have them send my orders again.” She made for the door, and without turning. “I’ll leave you to your work Captain, as you were.” With that she departed the Ready Roomand set off in search of the First Officer.

The Captain shook his head again after the doors had slid closed. "I never did get the hang of Denobulans."


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