USS Healy
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Posted on 24 Feb 2019 @ 6:32pm by Commander Aoife Burke & Captain Jason Wilcox

Mission: Emergent Conflict
Location: Healy Bridge
Timeline: 21 MAR 2395 - 0843

Healy had left Outpost 39 for the expanse once again. Admiral Bahe had deployed the Healy three days earlier to the Urabras sector. There several of the colonists to be had requested medical and scientific aid for an odd skin rash that had developed. The Healy's medical staff was to treat the afflicted, while the scientific staff was to find the source and a preventative treatment.

From Ops, Ensign Elena Kolinov console beeped. Her fingers did a quick dance over the keys. "Commander, we're receiving an incoming transmission from the USS Gilgamesh," she reported.

"On screen, Ensign," Aoife commanded, as she subconsciously straightened in her seat to give the caller a good first impression. "This is the USS Healy, go ahead," she said when the caller appeared on the screen.

A rather sour looking woman in her late forties appeared on the screen. Her uniform was the standard Starfleet variety, adorned with four pips. "By order of Starfleet Intelligence, the Healy is ordered to rendezvous with the Gilgamesh at the coordinates my Ops officer will send you along with the official order. We expect you there in four hours." Her message was curt, but her tone had the air of boredom to it.

"Under what authority?" Aoife asked. The woman never presented a name, a title, or who she worked for. Aoife was certainly not about to redirect the ship under the direction of some random captain she'd never seen or heard of before that wasn't in their chain of command.

"Under the authority of Rear Admiral Jacob Hughes, Director of Intelligence Alpha Quadrant. You will find complete orders in the official orders." The woman's boredom had disappeared, replaced with a more icy undertone. "Anything else, commander?"

"We will contact our Task Force Command and advise," she said, flatly. "Healy out." She turned to the ops officer and gave them the cut gesture. "Helm all stop."

"All stop, aye ma'am," the helm answered, dropping them from warp.

"Bridge to the Captain," she said, after tapping her commbadge.

Jason's combadge chirped and he excused himself from the conversation he had. "Wilcox here."

"I need to speak with you sir, the ready room is probably best," she said. "We've been contacted by Starfleet Intelligence."

"Understood. I'll be on my way." Jason replied, then tapping his badge again.

Two minutes later Jason stepped into his Ready Room. He nodded to Aoife who was waiting on the couch. "So, Starfleet Intelligence?"

"Is Admiral Bahe aware of this?" she asked, immediately skeptical.

Jason sat behind his desk and his work console lit up. He read the orders he had quickly reviewed on his walk to the ready room. "Until just now I wasn't aware of it. Are you familiar with this admiral Hughes?"

"Yes, but that's not the point. We are not an intelligence asset we are a Task Force 39 asset. I know I'm an intelligence officer, sir, but I cannot stand the overreaching that goes on with the brass in this world. We are not his toy to play with."

Jason took a moment to consider it, "Lay in the course we were given. I'll be contacting admiral Bahe in the meantime. We can always return to our original mission."

"Aye sir," Aoife said, standing her tone was protest enough. With her orders she left his ready room and moments later the ship was changing direction and heading back into warp.


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