USS Healy
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Posted on 01 Feb 2019 @ 3:38pm by Lieutenant Commander Apaxi Volcum

Mission: Mission 0: The Healy Returns
Location: Main Engineering
Timeline: 21 April, 2395 - 0923 Hours

Apaxi was discussing a new warp field maintenance schedule with a lieutenant Stamos as they walked into the main bay. It was fairly quiet still, the ship was on shore power for the time, and most of his engine teams had been sent out to assist the structural team with hull plate replacement. That meant that a petite woman with raven hair and mustard collar stood out to him. "We'll continue this over lunch, Eric." Apaxi said to dismiss Stamos.

"Excuse me, who are you?" The large Trill engineer asked as he stepped into the woman's view.

Aurora had taken a while to review the personnel logs, especially the command staff. Her immediate superior was a (checks PADD), Trill, which (checks PADD again) was that life form that had the slug things in their chest. Aurora wondered how the Federation could have a member where it's citizens were under the enslavement of such creatures. Not for the first time she thought that maybe she was missing something when it came to xeno-biology but there were so many races it was almost impossible to keep track!

She entered Engineering and her eyes were immediately drawn towards the warp core. It was dark for now, implying that there was maintenance going on, but despite that she could imagine the power it represented, sending thousands of tons of ship through space at speeds un-imagined...

She gave a start when someone spoke to her. It was him! Flustered, Aurora replied, "Lieutenant junior grade Aurora Oh-Eight-Oh-Seven dash Alpha reporting for duty, sir!"

She placed her "cheat PADD" in her mouth, unzipped her tunic and pulled the small PADD with her orders out, then handed it over...

"Right..." Apaxi said, accepting the proffered PADD. "I assume this one hasn't been in your mouth?" he asked with a smile. He pressed the screen to activate it, quickly glancing at the orders that told him what he already knew.

"Mmmm?" Aurora removed the PADD from her mouth. Unsure how to respond to that, she said, "No, I don't think so," she paused and realized uncertainty was never a good trait in an officer, she added, "No, sir. That PADD has never been in my mouth. Ever."

She repressed the urge to look about Engineering and focused on her new superior. Involuntarily her eyes were drawn to his chest. Was there a slug in him, controlling him? Was he a prisoner in his own mind, screaming to get out? Or did the thing control him with pain?

"Is everything alright lieutenant?" Apaxi asked, his smile fading slightly as confusion took over.

"Is it?" Aurora inquired absently as she allowed her eyes to meet her superior. Was that...a cry for help in his expression? Well, perhaps her imagination was running amok.

"Everything is fine, Commander," Aurora said, "I am ready to get to work at any time."

Apaxi handed Aurora back her PADD. "That's good, but do check in with the XO too. She'd like to speak with you too."

"Understood, sir," Aurora said, sensing a dismissal. She gave the lt. Commander a polite nod before heading out of Engineering.

"XO," she muttered as she thumbed through the personnel PADD, "...By the creche, how do you pronounce that name...?!"


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