USS Healy
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Getting ready

Posted on 07 Feb 2019 @ 10:55am by Commander Aoife Burke & Captain Jason Wilcox

Mission: Mission 0: The Healy Returns
Location: Healy Bridge
Timeline: 21 April, 2395 - 0621 Hours

Jason yawned quietly just before the turbolift doors opened to the bridge. The morning shift had just taken over from the night crew and was settling in. Somewhere in the alcove, someone was whispering to the bridge replicator, maybe praying for the good kind of coffee. The captain, for his part, had seduced a specific replicator in the mess hall a few minutes earlier for his favorite brown stuff.

He stepped to the OOD, behind the captain's chair. He smiled to himself a little and leaned forward to get in Aifoe's sight. "Good morning XO."

Aoife looked up and smiled pleasantly at her boss, "good morning, sir. How was your night?"

"Restless and exhausting. Thank you for asking. And yours Aiofe?" Jason asked with his usual upbeat attitude.

"It was fine, what happened?" she asked, her head tilting slightly to one side.

He rounded around the console to the pair of chairs. However, he chose to lightly lean against the console behind them. "I think I need to speak with Commander Volcum about the climate controls in my quarters. It seems the normal settings are 80% humidity."

"Parting gift from Admiral Bahe?" she mused.

"Still, he's been gone more than a year now." Jason sipped his coffee, then gave Aiofe a meaningful look, "Unless you're secretly working for him..."

"He's the Task Force Commander it's not really a secret," Aoife shook her head. "Can't take the intel out of the boy, huh?"

Jason shrugged, "In the end, I am what our government has made me."

"Well, I'm glad they didn't turn me into a paranoid nut," she said, rolling her eyes a bit.

"And I wouldn't want you to change Aiofe." The captain replied and gave her a smile. "Please have the senior staff convene at 0800 in the briefing room for the weekly briefing. I'll be in my office until then."

"Aye sir," she said.


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