USS Healy
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The Opal Room

Posted on 20 Dec 2018 @ 10:10pm by Lieutenant Kesari Lor & Commander Dominic Dalgaard MD, PsyD & Lieutenant Commander Apaxi Volcum & Civilian Lon Nren

Mission: Mission 0: The Healy Returns
Location: The Opal Room
Timeline: Monday 14 Feb 2394, 1645

The Opal Room was not, as Kesari had originally expected, an enclosed chamber of hydrated amorphous silica. Instead, it was an upscale dining establishment, decorated in lush Betazoid fashion. She had arrived early for her "next time over drinks" with Doctor Dalgaard, and so found herself perched atop a bar stool, sipping from a drink that was both very pink and very frothy.

Dom adjusted the buttons on his forest green tunic as he entered the Opal Room. After a quick survey, he spotted Kesari seated at the luxurious ovular bar. Quickly he crossed over to the bar area. "Hey." The Doctor smirked as he took a place next to her.

Kesari swiveled in her seat to face the new arrival. "Hello," she returned his greeting with a smile. The hem of her dark plum dress crept up high on her thighs, exposing a trail of spots that disappeared into her boots. By contrast, her sleeves were slightly too long at the wrist. "We're wearing a complementary palette," she noted, referring to their choices in secondary colors. "The green brings out your eyes."

The doctor turned crimson."Thank you." He eyed her pink drink. " What's that?" He asked.

"I think it was called a Fifth House Fizz," she answered. Former colleagues had ribbed her for her taste in libations, which tended toward the sugary and frothy—a stark contrast to her black coffee. "It has muktok gin in it, but sadly it doesn't jingle like the plant."

A Gold clad Betazoid man behind the bar stopped where Kesari and Dom were seated. “Can I get you a drink?” He asked, his coastal accent thick.

“Just a Gin martini, extra dry please.” Dom had found a taste for the drink in Medical school. He liked a drink he could sip while he studied.

“So Kesari, tell me about yourself?” Dom asked nervously as he awaited his drink.

"There's not a lot to tell," she replied with a little shrug. She took another short sip of her drink. "This is my first shipboard assignment in about six years. There's much less to manage, but the variable, more shorter-term studies will be somewhat of a challenge."

One of the Trill's nervous ticks was unchecked babbling and fidgeting, something she made a conscious effort to curb. She was right on the precipice of one such episode, so she turned the conversation on the doctor: "You?"

“I’m a widower, two kids; both away at school.” The doctor pursed his lips and thought. “I’m from New York City on Earth.” He smiled warmly.

"A Big Apple?" She was 80% sure that was the right one.

Dominic laughed. “Yes.” He smiled. “But a native never calls it that.”

"I don't think anyone would mistake me for a local." She flashed the dark markings on the side of her leg for emphasis. "I'm just from..." Where are you really from, though? "...Trill. Nevar, outside the capital and near the mountains. No apples."

“I had a vacation planned on Trill, before my wife passed away.” Dom said, a little too nonchalantly. He shrugged. “I heard it’s quite beautiful.

"A lot of it is." Kesari played with the bendy bit of her straw, unsure whether to address the doctor's twice mentioned widower status. Ultimately, she decided against it. "Are your children at the Academy or a civilian institute?"

“Jenson, my son, is in his last year at the Academy and Dominique is at the University of Betazed.” He beamed at the mention of his children.

She smiled at his response. "Are they taking after you in medicine?"

Dom shook his head. “Jenson is taking the Tactical track, and Dominique is studying abnormal psychology."

"I see." Meat shield and soft sciences. She set her finished drink on the bar and pushed it away with a finger. "Well, you seem very proud of them. I have not reproduced—except in the context of mycological experiments and such."

“To be honest, I wasn’t sure I wanted to be a father until Jenson was born.” He smiled. “That changed everything.” He shook his head. “So how are you acclimating?”

"It's too soon to tell," she answered honestly. Without a drink in her hands now, she was left to fiddle with a cocktail napkin in her lap, tearing at its edges. "There are several familiar faces, as much of the incoming crew is from Starbase 65—so in a way, certain things aren't much different. Is there anything I should know about the ship?"

Dom leaned in close. “ Rumour has it that man,” he pointed Lon Nren the Opal Room proprietor, “poisoned a former Chief Engineer.”

"No!" Kesari kept her voice hushed, but she turned her head to get a better look at the alleged poisoner, a tall, amiable looking fellow. She scooted closer to Dom to keep the conversation between them. "He looks too friendly to do something like that. Although, it depends on the engineer..."

Dom shrugged. “I only met her in passing, she seemed nice enough. A little rough around the edges, but by all accounts she was great at her job.” His tone remained hushed. “Betazoids are very proficient at hiding things.”

As the pair spoke, the gold clad Betazoid had made his way down the bar quietly and was now adjacent to them. “Gin martini.” Lon said with a venomous smile.

Kesari laughed, surprised by the man's appearance with a virtual compromise between her muktok gin cocktail and Dom's Manhattan. The fit of giggles threatened to consume her—she braced one hand on Dom's knee and the other covered her mouth.

Dressed in an 19th century white Earthling suit with a blue ruffled tie, Apaxi stepped in. For some reason Ava had convinced him to do an author's tour of a story called 'The Tales of Huckleberry Finn, with Apaxi cast as the author Mark Twain. He really didn't get the jist of it. So to try and forget the whole ordeal he decided to get a drink at the Opal Room.

Just as she thought she had pulled herself together and saved herself from mortal embarrassment in front of not one but two nicely shaped men, Kesari caught a look at Apaxi Volcum and his costume. Tears streamed down her face. "Excuse me," she gasped. "I need to..." She attempted to gesture and willed the words to come out, but to no avail. Finally, she fled to the Opal Room's lavatory to recover.

Sidling up to the bar next to Dominic, he raised an eyebrow. "What happened to her?"

“I’m not sure.” Said Dom his mouth slightly agape watchin Kesi walk away. He turned his attention to Apaxi. “What’s with the get-up?” He raised an eyebrow.

As if only now realizing what he was wearing, the large engineer looked down at himself and back up. "A friend invited me to some weird holonovel. I'm supposed to be Mark Twang? I'm not sure, some old Earth novelist from five hundred years ago."

“Twain.” Dom said with a smile. “ Although I’m not sure he shared your spots.”

"You have no idea how much of a pain it is to cover those up." Apaxi laughs as he touches the spots on his neck, "They go all the way down to your toes."

Dom blushes slightly. “Yes, I’ve examined Trill’s before.” He looked around to see if Kesi was anywhere in sight.

In the lounge's powder room, Dom's date paced and plexxed. "It's fine, you're fine," Kesari said to herself. "Just a giggle fit colliding with a nervous giggle fit, colliding with—" She didn't even know what Apaxi Volcum was up to.

Another woman walked in and gave the short redhead a puzzled glance before disappearing into a private cubicle. Kesari hadn't noticed. By now, she was muttering to herself in the mirror and obsessively rearranging the part of her hair. "Just get back out there," she told her reflection, "and stop being such a gosh-darned nerd."

"Was I actually interrupting anything?" Apaxi asked, realizing that he had joined two single people in a rather private moment.

"That outfit would interrupt the blind monks of Senterrai." Kesari had returned, recomposed and ready to continue her social interaction with a member of the opposite sex, like a normal person.

The engineer gave a tilt of acknowledgment to that. "Maybe I'll head back to my quarters instead. It'll give my fiancée a good laugh."

"Felicitations on your matrimonial endeavor," she said to her fellow Trill. "Is it traditional to drink a toast? I hear they have an engineer's special."

Dom smiled at her excitement. He turned to the Betazoid behind the bar, “ Three glasses of champagne.” His smile grew.

The doctor turned to Apaxi. “Congratulations!” He exclaimed. “ I hadn’t heard.”

Now it was Apaxi's turn to blush. "We haven't really announced it. Nat's pretty private about such things."

"That's the new Assistant Chief of Security, Ms. Goldberg," Kesari explained to Dom as she passed around the newly arrived bubbly. "She and Lieutenant Volcum were also on 65."

Dom nodded, he raised his glass. “To happy new adventures.” He proposed.

With a smile, Apaxi accepted the champagne. "I'll drink to that." and clinked his glass against Dom's.

Kesari clinked her glass to their's, not wanting to be left out. She was genuinely happy that a Trill as deformed as Apaxi Volcum could find lasting love, or whatever combination of neurotransmitters might constitute that. "Toivottzirojn," she said to him, in their native language. "Best wishes."


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