USS Healy
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Preperation is key

Posted on 21 Jul 2018 @ 7:42pm by Lieutenant Commander Apaxi Volcum

Mission: Mission 0: The Healy Returns
Location: Holodeck 3
Timeline: 12FEB 2394, 1923

"Computer, initialize program Volcum-Alpha-Six." The engineer requested. The lights shifted on the holodeck, transforming the metallic room into a vast desert. The yellow/red sands stretched before Apaxi in rolling hills, lines drawn through it by the wind. That wind also brought a vague smell of salt, as it brought the sounds of waves crashing onto a shore. Apaxi couldn't help but smile as he turned around, seeing the blue water before him, stretching into endlessness.

The next hour was spent creating a beautiful seating area. A small four post shade of wood, a tan sail draped between the posts. It created a small oasis of coolness on the dunes overlooking the sea and the desert. A small round table was selected from the database, as well as two wrought iron chairs with small cushions.

As Apaxi looked at his choices, his hand reached into his pocket, finding the small black velvet box he had hidden in there. He pulled it out and opened it, looking at the small silver band, a single small emerald sitting on top it, in a secure setting. He had discussed it with his mother before, trying to decide what kind of stone should be in the ring, as well with Ava. His mother had tried convincing him to put a topaz in the ring, in Trill culture topaz said you were going to be loyal. Ava had argued for a diamond, stating Earthly tradition. Finally Apaxi had chosen emerald, thinking the green would match well with her eyes, as well as the Trill meaning of bravery, a trait he admired in his love. He allowed himself a final moment to admire the ring before pocketing it again.

"Computer, forward time to approximately sunset." The sun lowered into the sea, the temperature dropping surprisingly fast as the wind chill did not diminish. "Now add a small firepit, right here." He gestured to a spot between the table and the sea, blazing and crackling merely to keep the diners warm. Apaxi spent a few more minutes arranging the scenery, adding flairs around the table.

"I'll add the dinner later." He then concluded. "Computer, save program and exit." Apaxi ordered before stepping out off the holodeck.


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