USS Healy
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Assigned help

Posted on 21 Jul 2018 @ 7:47pm by Lieutenant Kesari Lor & Lieutenant Commander Apaxi Volcum

Mission: Mission 0: The Healy Returns
Location: Science Department
Timeline: 12 FEB 2394 1130

A young, yellow collared, petty officer named Roberto Mariano stepped into the main science suite. "Excuse me, I'm looking for a lieutenant Lor?" He asked at the yeoman at the front desk. The kind woman smiled, and gestured towards Kesari's office.

He pressed the button to her office, waiting patiently as his toolkits started weighing into his arms.

The yeoman was wrong, though. Kesari was not in her office. Instead, the comms panel by her door lit up and a voice inquired, "Who's there?"

"Mariano, ma'am. Commander Volcum sent me to you. I'm your tech specialist?" He tried to sound confident, but failing dramatically.

A rapid tapping noise, like fingers drumming against a countertop. "Ah, yes, right right right..." the voice said. Kesari had forgotten that a handful of others from her previous starbase assignment were now aboard the Healy. "Meet me in Lab 2."

The comm channel closed.

A few minutes Mariano bumped into a locked lab door. He scrunched his nose. He then turned to the panel besides the door, "Lieutenant Lor?"

"Step away from the door!" the urgent voice said.

Ten seconds later, the doors opened and a short redhead hurried out, followed by a wisp of... smoke? Vapor? The doors shut and she punched a code into the door panel.


"Uuh..." He blinked at the small woman, "Yes ma'am."

"Let's move to Lab 3."

Like a lamb lead to slaughter, Mariano obediently followed lieutenant Lor, his mind still trying to figure out why he smelled molten ESP conduit and hair.

"What can I do for you, Mr. Mariano?" she asked, hastily pulling her hair back. Its ends were slightly singed, an annoyance the barbershop would need to handle later today. "Oh, no, wait!" She turned and pointed at the man. "You are supposed to do for me. Equipment things. Correct?"

"Uhhh..." Mariano's mind got stuck on Lab 2. He then snapped to again, "Yes ma'am. Calibration and maintenance specialist. I'm the team lead for the science labs."

"Great, we're going to have so much fun." Kesari practically skipped the rest of the way to Lab 3. "I know that you've probably been doing regular maintenance, but I'd like to recalibrate everything across the board, from sensors to nanoscopes. Get a clean baseline before we head out into the expanse."

"It'll take me and L'pau weeks to get through all the in-lab gear, ma'am." Mariano said incredulously, "It's like a week for just one lab, if she and I work on only that every day. Do you really want to take a lab out of service?"

She shrugged. "Do what you can and work through them," she said. "And skip Lab 2 for now. It's... kerflooey."

"It's what?" He said in confusion.

"You know..." Kesari pulled a silly face and stuck out her tongue. "Kerflooey. Anyway. No big rush. Sound good?"

"Are you saying you destroyed Lab 2?"

Her face suddenly became dead serious. "I would *never* destroy a lab." This was a lie. Some labs had it coming. Smiling again, Kesari said, "You know, I need a refill on my coffee. Come with me." She tugged on Mariano's sleeve as she buzzed past him once more and exited the lab they'd just entered. "We can discuss equipment things."

The lanky engineer nearly lost his balance by the near-bionicly powerful grip of the little scientist as he was pulled behind her.


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