USS Healy
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Meeting of sane minds

Posted on 03 Jul 2018 @ 5:30pm by Lieutenant Commander Apaxi Volcum
Edited on on 11 Sep 2018 @ 11:20am

Mission: Mission 0: The Healy Returns
Location: Messhall

Agaax entered the mess hall, a PADD in one hand and a now empty coffee cup in the other. The grumbling of his stomach had been enough him to get out of his office and seek out food. He decided that it was probably good to mingle with the crew and that there would be plenty of time to eat in his office over a pile of PADDs. He stopped at the replicator and went with a greek chicken wrap and a side of qunioa salad. Taking the tray he settled at a larger table near the centre of the room and made sure to set the PADD face down on the table to prevent the temptation of getting to work.

Tullos had just finished reading a report when he walked into the mess hall and after a quick stop by the replicator was seeking out a table. He noticed a fellow officer in a gold uniform sitting at a large table alone and made his way over. "Excuse me" he said with a smile holding a tray with a bowl of Bolian tomato soup and a three cheese grilled cheese sandwich. "Would you be interested in some company?" he asked with a smile on his face.

"Sure, have a seat." Agaax said gesturing to the seats across from him. "Commander Tullos correct?"

Taking the seat Tullos smiled "That is correct, and you are?" he asked before taking a sip of his Bolian tomato soup.

With a tray too large to be realistic, Apaxi made his way to the sitting area. He scanned the room, seeing all new faces. Some he recognized from some introductions or passing by. Two senior officers were seated centrally, and with an internal shrug he made his way there. "Mind if I join you two?" he said with his wide grin.

"Sure," The Second Officer replied, "Tyis Agaax, Chief of Security."

The rattle of bowls, plates, and cuttlery preceded the introduction as he seated himself, "Apaxi Volcum, Chief Engineer. Nice to meet you Agaax." Then he nodded to the Bolian, "Tullos, right? We spoke over comms yesterday."

"That's right" Tullos said with a smile "She's quite the ship isn't she?" he asked.

"Sure is different from the first ship I worked on." Apaxi said with a grin before taking a big bite out of his burrito. "That would've fit in the landing bay!"

"My last assignment was a Defiant Class" the Chief Operations Officer glanced over at Apaxi.

"She's quite the ship," Tyis replied, "I had a tour of a Century-class getting ready to be commissioned, those are damn big boats." He replied with a smirk.
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"Those are huge. We had one passing by the base a few years ago. My first ship was actually a runabout." Apaxi said with a grin, the burrito already having disappeared.

"I thought the Defiant was tiny" Tullos said laughing.

"Well as long as we don't blow this one up, hopefully none of us will end up on a runabout for our next posting." The Security Chief replied taking another bite of his food.

"Have any of you been on the Healy for some time?" Apaxi asked, starting in on large sandwich.

"Not I" Tullos said giving a nod.

"Three days." Agaax replied with a smirk.

The Bolian continued to eat and after swallowing he smiled "I can't wait to see what she can do" Tullos wore the smile for a second "she is state of the art after all"

"I will be interested to see what our first assignment holds." Agaax replied, "Hopefully it will be a good moral booster, it can take time for a crew to come together and with this many new members aboard."

Wearing a huge smile Tullos added "I agree" he paused for a second and took a quick sip of his drink. "I do sometimes get a little nervous, especially during that first mission when your getting to know your new assignment and how the command team like to run things."

"Have either or you served with the CO or XO before?" Agaax asked.

Tullos replied a quick "no" and took the last bite of his food.

"Neither have I but they both certainly seem competent, looks like most of the senior staff is quite experienced." Agaax replied, all the large departments being headed by Lt Commanders or full Commanders.

"Me neither. Maybe command here just drives their officers batty if they're replacing a large chunk of senior staff." Apaxi said grinning.

"We'll the counselling department is well staffed to handle if we all start having mental breakdowns." Agaax replied.

The Bolian shook his head and jokingly added "I'll pass on the mental breakdown, thanks."

"Well I generally hope to avoid them as well." Agaax replied. =/\= Commander Agaax please report to the bridge. =/\= Came a female voice over the comm. "If you'll excuse me gentleman, duty calls."


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