USS Healy
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Paging Dr. Novak

Posted on 07 Mar 2018 @ 10:12pm by Commander Dominic Dalgaard MD, PsyD & Lieutenant Junior Grade April Novak MD

Mission: Mission 0: The Healy Returns
Location: CMO's Office
Timeline: TBD

April Novak was a young Starfleet officer and a brand new intern in Starfleet Medical hoping to begin a long career in Emergency and Family medicine. Nervous was the only way to describe the young blonde as she walked into the sickbay not nearly as bubbly as normal. She looked around at the large sickbay that the Healy sported. She knew that her father had been the one to select the layout of the Insignia which was a modular design that could be changed at starbases within days. She smiled as she thought about what a priority that he'd put on the medical facilities available aboard the ship. Then she felt her heart start to beat quickly as she thought about her plans to introduce herself to her father who didn't even know he had a daughter.

"Excuse me, ma'am, can I help you?" a Corpsman asked, approaching her.

April blushed as she looked up at the Petty Officer, "yes, please... I need to see the Chief Medical Officer, I'm the new intern."

"Of course ma'am, welcome aboard," he said. "I will have the front desk let him know that you're here. You can have a seat if you'd like," he motioned toward the empty waiting area.

"Thanks," April said, moving quickly to take a chair.

The front desk notified the Commander that he had a visitor. Sickbay policy, of course, was that anyone who was not part of the medical department had to be escorted past the waiting room. Which included all of the offices as well as the exam areas.

After getting word that someone had arrived to see him, Dom placed a PADD to the side. He had just finished reading the letters he received from both of his children. Jenson was happier than ever at the Academy and was writing to announce he had joined the marksmanship team. Dominique was settling into life at the University of Betazed. Both of his children had grown so fast, it seemed only yesterday they were infants in his arms, and now they were forging their own paths.

He stretched his arms above his head and left his office to meet his visitor.

When who must, by her calculations, be the Chief Medical Officer approached the waiting room the young blonde got up to her feet. When he was closer she took a step forward and introduced herself, "Hi, I'm Lieutenant Novak," she said.

"Commander Dalgaard." He said, closing the space between them and offering his hand in welcome.

Her hands were soft and gentle as she shook his looking up at him with a smile, "It's a pleasure to meet you, sir. I am very excited to be aboard the Healy". She had placed the ship on her request list in every slot. Nobody but her and her roommates knew, of course, the real reason she wanted to serve aboard the ship so badly.

Dom gestured for her to follow him to his office. " I'm glad to hear you're so eager, we've had a bit of shakeup in the department. So fresh meat is good."

"I'm glad school is over and I'm eager to finally start to practice," she said, honestly as she followed him.

Dom smiled warmly as he keyed access to his office. As the doors parted her waved her in. "Make yourself comfortable." He said, with a flourish of his hand.

She did as requested and took a seat, watching the man anxiously.

“You’ll find I like a collaborative approach to the department as a whole.” Took his seat. “Any questions?”

"A lot of them," April said. "Schedule, when I can start, do I have an office? All kinds of things," she said, excitedly.

“The Duty schedule is posted week to week, and changes on a rotating basis. For the time being, you’ll be on Alpha shift, with myself or another Senior Medical officer.” There is an office space that will be allocated to you, but I expect you’ll keep too busy to use it.” Dominic activated his Desk Console, “ We can start you, the day after Tomorrow.” He smiles and looked back to her.

"Tomorrow if you need, sir?" she said, wanting to be as helpful as possible.

Don smiled. “I appreciate that eager attitude. We need that enthusiasm,” he started, “And we will still need it the day after tomorrow.”

"Sounds good sir," she said. "Do I get to at least set up my office in the meantime?" she asked, hopefully.

“I’ll have the Petty Officer show you where it is.” He relented with a warm smile. “ If there’s nothing else, I have an appointment to prep for.”

"Thank you sir," she said, excitedly. "If you change your mind and want me sooner you know how to find me," she said, bubbly as she got up from her seat.

Dominic sighed as Novak exited the office. He hated being reminded of how old he was getting.


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