USS Healy
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Breakfast and discussion

Posted on 03 Jun 2018 @ 5:41pm by Captain Jason Wilcox & Rear Admiral Benjamin Bahe

Mission: Mission 0: The Healy Returns
Location: Captain's Mess
Timeline: 12FED 2394 - 0810

"Morning sir." Jason greeted as he stepped into table assigned to the captain, secluded from the rest of the crew. His hands were filled with a big bowl of sloshing cereal and an unseemly big cup of coffee. Under one arm a few PADDs were tucked. This lead to Jason awkwardly trying to sit down without spilling either liquid or the PADDs.

"Morning XO," Bahe said, a piece of bacon headed for his mouth. He chewed and swallowed and followed it with a sip from his normal sized cup of coffee. "How's the morning fairing so far?"

"Nobody's blown up the ship, yet." Jason mused between gulps of coffee. "I just hope I don't have to drag anybody back on board last minute this time." He sorted through the PADDs, offering one to Bahe. "Finalized exercise schedule for the next few weeks."

"That would be nice," he said, sighing. "But there always seems to be one," he shook his head, as he took the PADD from the XO. He glanced it over quickly he really didn't feel the need to check the work of his excellent XO. "You should try not to do such a good job all the time. I hate having to recommend you for promotion I might have to replace you," he teased, handing it back.

"You're just scared my commission will be a bigger ship than yours sir," Jason said before taking the PADD back with one hand and a bite of his cornflakes with the other. He sorted through the PADDs, "I've also received almost every crew evaluation from previous postings and there are some worry spots among them."

"First off," he said, putting his hand up. "I'm quite content with the Healy. She is my pride and joy and as her plank owner, I plan on remaining with her until she falls apart or I retire. What I'm really scared about is you getting to be Captain of the Healy and them trying to make me an Admiral or something stupid like that," he said, with a laugh before picking up his coffee.

"Let's be realistic, if I captain the Healy, you'll be the XO."

"Now," he said, his face falling a bit. "Problem spots."

"A, yes." He produced a duplicate of the report on a PADD for Bahe. "I've received complaints about a crewmember exposing himself to female crew. We haven't been able to track him down yet. Commander Volcum has informed me that he's missing several toolkits from his stock. And the new doctor we received."

"I would think that the internal sensors would provide an adequate solution to the first issue," Bahe said, suddenly sounding angry. "Start an investigation into why they are missing and reorder new ones in the meantime. And what is wrong with the doctor?" he asked, rubbing his temples.

"He isn't wearing a combadge, and he keeps his face covered." Jason said, "I have security looking into that one, as well as the missing gear. I think it's just a few engineers using the gear to work on a hobby project though." He emptied the cornflake bowl. "The new doctor," he checked his notes, "Novak, well, she had a lot more promising offers than Healy. She actually specifically requested us over a couple medical specialist postings."

"Did you ask her about it?" he asked.

"She said she had a fondness for the Insignia-class and an interest in the Expanse. It just feels like there is more to it." He shrugged. "We'll find out in time I suppose."

"I think if our biggest problem is she is too well sought after to want to be here then we don't really have a problem."

"I'm still keeping an eye on her, and reaching out to some old friends." Jason shrugged. "But besides that, I think we have most of the things you need to know covered."

Ben shook his head, "I think that your old friends have better things to do XO. Besides is someone wanting to be in an assignment where they're interested in the mission and the platform really that out of the ordinary?"

"I like to be informed," Jason said with a smile and a shrug. "And I suppose not, sir."

"Well at least let me know if you find out anything interesting," he said, with a shrug. "What else?" he asked, moving for another bite of his breakfast.

"We've all but finished the medical checks for the new crew." He flipped to another PADD, "The last replacement shuttle has been off-loaded, though I don't like the name. And we're due to have an unplanned ship-wide combat drill soon, any preference for the when?"

"The name? What's wrong with it?" he asked, curious to know what the XO disliked about it. "And surprise me with the drill I guess," he shrugged.

"Jacks Fork..." Jason said deadpan, "I looked it up, it's some small river in North America, on Earth."

"I suppose it could be Sally's Spoon?" he shrugged.

"What about Nick's Knife?" Jason replied.

"Only if Nick has the silent K."


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