USS Healy
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One Step Closer

Posted on 15 May 2018 @ 11:17am by Lieutenant Junior Grade April Novak MD & Captain Jason Wilcox

Mission: Mission 0: The Healy Returns
Location: XO's Office

April was nervous as she stood outside of the XO's Office she was trying to gather her composure knowing that just a bit further down the p-way her father's office was there. He could be just on the other side of the door she leaned against the bulkhead her eyes closed. She was taking a deep breath when she heard someone approaching she opened her eyes and squeaked as she immediately recognized her father as he walked past.

"You okay Lieutenant?" Bahe asked, stopping in front of her.

She just nodded at him.

"No reason to be nervous, the XO doesn't bite often."

April just nodded and forced a smile.

Bahe chuckled at the site of the nervous new officer and continued to his office.

She turned around and rang the chime, three times, out of nervousness.

"Yeah?" Jason called from his desk.

April entered the office and came to attention, way further away than she should, "Lieutenant Junior Grade April N-Novak, reporting, sir," she said, anxiously.

He glanced up at the young lieutenant, the stutter surprising him. "At ease lieutenant, and take a seat." Jason nodded at one of the open chairs. "Did you bring your orders?"

She thought about it for a second and cursed herself, "No sir, I gave them to my department head when I saw him," she frowned, she started to the chair and took a seat her hands playing with the hem of her uniform jacket.

"They'll make their way to me eventually." Jason said, "So, Lieutenant Novak. I understand you specifically requested the Healy as your first posting. Why is that?"

She started to say something but stopped herself, "a couple reasons," she said, after a deep breath. "Sir," she said, adding the pleasantry hastily. "I heard about the Healy's new mission, I had studied the Insignia Class for a project in the academy so I'm familiar with it at least... on paper," she said, shrugging. "Plus it has a fairly large medical capability for a ship." Of course, while all of those reasons were perfectly true the reason she picked the Insignia to do a project on was because of her father and her desire to meet the man which was why she picked the Healy for her first assignment.

"We do have a big medical bay. But there were a few other postings that were interested in having you. Your grades were quite excellent." He took the PADD that had Novak's information on it. "Most postings you had an option for were a bit more prestigious than Healy, including Starbase 28."

"I like the class, I'm excited about the mission, and who knows what I can see medically in an area of space nobody has gone too before," she said. "Successfully..." she added like it was taboo to talk about the ships lost in the expanse.

"Then all I have to say is welcome aboard." Jason smiled, extending his hand towards her.

She reached and shook the XO's hand with a nervous smile, "thank you, sir."


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