USS Healy
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Old neighbors

Posted on 25 Jun 2018 @ 8:26pm by Chief Warrant Officer 2 Nathalie Goldberg & Lieutenant Commander Sterek & Lieutenant Commander Apaxi Volcum

Mission: Mission 0: The Healy Returns
Location: Volcum-Goldberg quarters
Timeline: 09 FEB 2394, 18:00

Sterek was holding a tray of what looked like dry, deflated scones when the doors opened. Possibly in lieu of a Vulcan salute, because both hands seemed to be occupied, he tilted his head politely.

"Greetings. I understand it is traditional in some cultures to offer gifts to your associates on the acquisition of new living quarters." He lifted the tray slightly. "A recipe from my home region, modified slightly for non-Vulcan physiology."

Apaxi blinked. He blinked again. Not because of dry eyes, but through sheer confusion. "Hi Sterek... You want come in?" The burly engineer stepped out of the doorway and extended his arm into the apartment.

"Who is it?" a voice called from the dining nook.

"It's Sterek." Apaxi called back, "He brought us some..." Apaxi turned back to face the Vulcan, "What is it called?"

"Kreyla-fas-nentu," Sterek replied automatically. Then; "That is essentially just Vulcan for 'biscuits' so there is no real need to recall the name. I will come in if it is a convenient time, but I do not wish to impose."

"Nonsense, Sterek," Nathalie said, coming out into the living area. Her thick, black hair was loose and she wore simple civilian attire. "I just put out some halawet el-geben. You must have dessert with us."

With an arm around the doctor's shoulder, Apaxi walked to the dinner table. With a happy chuckle he said: "It's no point trying to say no any more to her. The decision has been made."

"Pax will otherwise eat it all himself," she teased.

"That is very gracious of you," replied Sterek, who was very clearly trying not to recoil from the unexpected physical contact. "It would be an honour to join you for dessert. Have the two of you been settling in well?" (He liked to think he was good at 'small talk' even under the most trying of circumstances. He had a handbook and everything.)

"How are you adapting to the ship?" Apaxi asked after emptying his mouth.

"I have experienced no difficulties so far." Sterek paused as he regarded the array of sweet rolls in front of him. "I sensed some trepidation from the Chief Medical Officer regarding my assignment here, but that is to be expected." He said this a little tentatively, as if unsure whether it was appropriate to disclose.

"Transfers are always weird," Nathalie said with typical bluntness as she presented a tray of small pastries and cups of tea. She served Sterek first, explaining what was in the sweet cheese rolls, then she served Apaxi and kissed him atop his head before seating herself.

Sterek gave a polite nod, and although he didn't look too enthused about the sweet rolls, he tried one anyway. "Indeed. And yourselves? Are you both adapting well?"

Apaxi gave a small shrug, "I never really get used to it. I really enjoyed my time on the base, so I'm sad to leave it. But also just happy to have a new adventure." And with the last he glanced at Nat before looking back at the tea, lifting it to his lips to blow on.

Sterek lifted his cup with both hands and kept it there, steaming. "Indeed. One must be open to new experiences in order to grow as an individual."

Nathalie remained quiet during this conversation and sipped her tea. The truth was that she had considered another assignment until Apaxi persuaded her to join him on Healy. However, the drop from chief to assistant chief was less than thrilling to her. ...But she loved Pax.

If Sterek noticed the shared look, he was being polite about it. The conversation moved on, with Sterek carefully avoiding the intake of too many pastries, although he did make sure to compliment them in a way that he probably felt was appropriate and Paxi and Natalie probably felt was adorably stiff and Vulcan.

The evening continued pleasantly, if a bit awkward considering there was a Vulcan that didn't show humour. An hour or two later they were saying good bye "We should do this soon." Apaxi said from just inside their doorway.

"Agreed. My thanks for your hospitality." Sterek offered them a Vulcan salute. "Live long and prosper, Apaxi and Nathalie."

"May you have a long life, Sterek," Nathalie replied. The salutation of her culture was, by chance, very close to the Vulcan version. Even the gestures were curiously identical to those of the birchat kohanim. "Thank you for the kreyla-fas-nentu."

"See you soon..." Apaxi said awkwardly, somewhat surprised at the formal feeling goodbyes.


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