USS Healy
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The doctors are In

Posted on 01 Jul 2018 @ 5:24pm by Commander Dominic Dalgaard MD, PsyD & Lieutenant Commander Sterek

Mission: Mission 0: The Healy Returns
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: 04 FEB 2394, 1030

Efficient as always, Sterek stopped in his quarters only long enough to change into his scrubs and check in on his cat before proceeding to report in to the new CMO. He offered Commander Dalgaard a Vulcan salute, maybe to pre-empt the possibility of another handshake. Probably one was enough for today.

He was a slim, innocuous-looking man, with slightly tired eyes and hair cut shorter at the back than most Vulcans of his generation, which perhaps made him look younger than he was.

Dalgaard stood in the main ward of Sickbay reading over a PADD of recent crew shakeups that had just been delivered. He barely noticed the Vulcan man entered and approach him.

"Lieutenant Commander Sterek reporting for duty, sir," he said.

"Mister Sterek, I trust your journey was smooth?" Dominic, place the PADD aside, and extended a hand to the man.

"Yes, sir, that is correct." Sterek returned the handshake stiffly and with a slight air of resignation. "I have a matter to discuss with you as per Starfleet Infectious Disease regulations - may we speak in your office, if this is a convenient time?"

"Follow me." He smiled, and nodded for the man to follow him down a bright corridor off the main ward.

Once they were alone, Sterek began the usual and slightly weary spiel. "In accordance with Starfleet Infectious Disease Regulations section six, paragraph two, I am obliged to report in-person my status as an asymptomatic carrier of a xenotropic virus. The details are in my file, but I can answer any questions you might have."

Not wishing to call up the file, Dominic asked. " Has there been any issue as of yet? "

"Only with the reactions of my colleagues. I am not actively infectious, and am highly unlikely to become so unless I lose access to my retroviral treatments, but some of my fellow professionals have expressed..." Sterek tilted his head, "... concern."

Immediately Dom felt relief that his daughter was no longer aboard. "I assume Starfleet Medical has contingencies in place." He tried to keep his face passive.

Sterek seemed to be watching his expression carefully. After a moment, he glanced down. "Affirmative. I am required to keep a year's supply of retrovirals on hand. Should my viral count exceed transmissible levels, I would be unable to continue practicing medicine, and anyone who came into contact with infected biofluids would need to be administered prophylactic exposure treatment."

Dominic nodded, "I appreciate your coming to see me. Usually I have to chase people for conversations like this."

"I find it is far easier to approach these matters openly, as soon as possible. Some of my colleagues can be... overly cautious, if not properly informed," Sterek replied calmly.

Dominic offered a warm smile to his new comrade. "We have a lot to get in order. Have you found your office yet?"

"I have familiarized myself with the layout of sickbay, but I have not yet visited it in person." The Vulcan seemed subtly less uncomfortable now.

"Why don't we walk there." Dom stood and gestured outward. "You can tell me about your last posting."

"As you wish." Sterek stood up to follow.


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