USS Healy
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I guess I'm on a ship now?

Posted on 08 May 2018 @ 5:22am by Captain Jason Wilcox & Lieutenant Kesari Lor

Mission: Mission 0: The Healy Returns
Location: XO's Office

Finally. Finally a science department of her own. Although the last posting had felt like she was more department head than the actual department head, this time it was really real and official. Chief Science Officer Kesari Lor. And on a ship! No more waiting around for science to come to her. She was going to come to science!

With a skip in her step, the petite Trill hopped off the turbolift and down the passageway to the XO's office.

"Enter." Jason called as he pressed the button to mute his music. He had been chugging through some of the crew evaluations, a plan for some small upgrades. Well, actually he had been writing a letter to a certain somewhere on a certain ship somewhere.

"Lieutenant Lor I presume?" Jason asked as he rose and extended his hand.

"Indeed," she replied taking his hand and giving it a firm shake. She gave him the datapad containing her orders, something she viewed as mere ceremonial formality since her orders and records were easily accessed through any Starfleet terminal. "Chief Science Officer, reporting for duty."

Jason accepted the PADD, activated it, and glanced at the content before putting it down. "What can you tell me about your research into cybernetic implants? I heard some rumours that it was an active pursuit of yours?" Jason asked curiously.

Kesari's face flushed pink. In fact, it had been a bit of an obsession since her own arm had been reconstructed seven years ago. Although the surgeon had been able to save the limb and its nerves, biosynthetic enhancement became more and more appealing to her. "Wh- where did you hear that?" she stammered.

"Let's just say I know a lot of people." Jason said with a mysterious smile. "Would it be the primary subject you're going to focus on, perhaps to publish something on?"

She wondered who, in particular, the Commander knew but let it go for now. "Not as such," she answered. "My primary fields include astrophysics, exobiochemistry, mycology, and geology. I've published on those through Daystrom, Nature, and the Trill Science Ministry. Biosynthetics and cybernetics are more of a curiosity that has come up in recent years."

"Then you might be the one to publish the reason the gravimetric storms have dissipated." Jason replied, "Though I'd like to encourage your work in the field of cybernetics as well. From what I've gathered there are quite a few milestones within reach."

"Oh, yes!" she bubbled with enthusiasm. "Have you read the latest joint case study from Daystrom and Starfleet Medical? They've been exploring modification of biosynthetic gland technology found in the Borg and applying that to non-assimilated species. On its face, it sounds a bit scary, but the applications for the humanoid endocrine system—especially for the Trill! Well, it's a very exciting time."

Jason held his hand up in surrender, grinning indulgently. "I trust you on all that. I'm looking forward to reading your reports. Welcome aboard Lieutenant Lor."

Kesari clapped her hands together excitedly before remembering decorum. With a bashful grin, she shook the commander's hand again and said, "Thanks very much, sir."

"Now get out, I need to get back to work." He said, adding a bit of mischief to his grin.

There was a momentary disconnect between the meaning of the commander's words and the expression on his face. To Kesari, they were incongruous. "Right, of course," she answered, deciding that he was being facetious. "Thank you, again."


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