USS Healy
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Covering All Bases

Posted on 27 Apr 2018 @ 10:17am by Rear Admiral Benjamin Bahe & Lieutenant Commander Sterek

Mission: Mission 0: The Healy Returns
Location: Ready room
Timeline: 04 FEB 2394, 1000

The officer who greeted Captain Bahe in his ready room this morning was a slim Vulcan male who looked slightly ill at ease in his uniform, or insofar as a Vulcan could, anyway. The way he pulled at his tunic as he walked in suggested a man who was far more comfortable in lab coat and scrubs.

Nevertheless, Sterek stood to attention when he came in, and offered Benjamin a crisp, "Lieutenant Commander Sterek reporting for duty, sir." His hair was slightly shorter at the back than most Vulcans kept it, and his stance was consciously rigid; a medical-shaped peg trying its best to fit into a military-shaped hole, perhaps.

"Good morning doctor," Bahe said, motioning to the chair. "You'll be joining us as our Assistant Chief Medical Officer, correct?"

"Thank you, Captain. That is correct." Sterek took a seat.

"Well welcome aboard," he said. "Happy to be getting out of starbase?"

The Vulcan hesitated momentarily. "That is not a word which typically applies to Vulcans, but I understand the sentiment. I hope to serve adequately under your command."

"Fair enough," Ben chuckled. "And I'm sure you'll do just fine."

"There is one matter I need to bring to your attention." Sterek might have looked weary, just for a moment, but it could have been the light. "In accordance with Starfleet Infectious Disease Regulations section six, paragraph two, I am obliged to report my status as an asymptomatic carrier of a xenotropic virus. The details are in my file, but I can answer any questions you might have."

"What exactly is a xenotropic virus?" Ben asked, unfamiliar with the term. He was an engineer and a captain, not a scientist.

"A virus capable of replicating outside its original host species - in this case, the humanoid inhabitants of Aidoni IV." Sterek seemed to perk up slightly at this as if talking about science was far more interesting than talking about his specific situation.

"I see, well are there any concerns I should have for the ship?" he asked, curiously. "I mean I assume it must be okay for you to be here or Starfleet wouldn't have sent you."

"There is no risk to the crew or my patients so long as I continue taking retroviral treatments, which keep my viral count below transmissible levels. I keep a year's dosage on hand as standard. The likelihood of my losing access to them and infecting someone else is extremely low, but since the illness is fatal if untreated and, usually, impossible to cure fully, it is vital to take these precautions."

"Understood, if you have any concerns, please be sure to bring it to the attention of Commanders Dalgaard and Wilcox, or me," Ben assured the doctor.

"Yes, sir. Is there anything else you wish to discuss?"

"Nothing at this time," he told the doctor. "Check in with the XO and the Chief Medical Officer if you haven't, dismissed." He said, rising to shake the man's hand again.

Despite the well-known Vulcan discomfort with physical contact, Sterek conceded to a stiff and rather cautious handshake. "Thank you, sir," he said, and left.


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