USS Healy

Planet Franzi & Her Amazing Lover

Posted on 29 Jan 2018 @ 1:51am by Rear Admiral Benjamin Bahe & Lieutenant Commander Franziska Ekke MD

Mission: Mission 0: The Healy Returns
Location: Counselor's Office
Timeline: 03 FEB 2394, 12:45

Benjamin waited outside of Franzi's office door waiting for the cue to go in from his fiancee's aide. The petty officer had just notified her that her last appointment for the day, though unexpected, had arrived. He held in one hand a covered container filled with her favorite new snack, cheese fries covered in pickles.

As the door swept open, the counselor struggled to lift herself from her seat behind the desk. It was a sight that her patients and colleagues had gotten used to as the once petite Haliian swelled up over the course of eight months. In fact, it appeared as if she had swallowed a small planet whole and it now sat in her belly.

When Ben entered the room he held out the container as an offering. "Brought you a present," he said.

Relieved to see that she didn't actually have a surprise patient, Franzi smiled at Ben. She could smell the gift of cheesy pickle fries in the air, so she didn't need to ask what was hidden in the box. "Oh, it's you," she teased. "What can I do for you, Captain Bahe?"

"Take maternity leave," he said, putting the box down on her desk. He'd been on her case about taking time off until the baby came.

She groaned and leaned against the desk, which shook a bit at her contact. "Ben, no. I don't have a physically strenuous job. If I was your chief engineer, that would be another story... and a whole mess of other problems for this ship."

He wanted to make a joke about her fitting in a Jefferies Tube but knew better, "but you could be home just, you know, making a baby?"

"She doesn't stop baking when I ask Ensign Pettyfer about his sleep patterns," Franzi pointed out. Her hand slipped across her rounded abdomen and she groaned a little again. "And she's been acting up today, too."

"Well good, I asked her to this morning before I got out of bed," he said. "The point is that you don't have to work and I happen to know that your boss and the Captain both would be perfectly fine with you going on leave."

"Did Dom tell you that?"

"Do you think that I would lie to you?" he asked, he wandered to a chair and took a seat.

Franzi shook her head and reached for the box. It was still warm, and when she lifted its lid, the cheese stuck to the top and stretched into gooey strands. "Mmmmm," she moaned with pleasure as she inhaled its aroma. Picking up a thick fry covered in cheese and chopped up bits of pickle, she remarked, "It's a healthy pregnancy, and there haven't been any complications despite our... differences." She popped the fry into her mouth and savored its salty, briny taste.

"But the baby listening into your sessions is a privacy violation, isn't it?" he asked, he'd go for cute, it had to work.

Mouth full, Franzi muttered, "Right now, she counts as a part of me." She barely swallowed before digging in for more fries. "A Trill joined with its symbiont isn't precluded from counseling. This little parasite doesn't even have the life experience of those worms."

Ben made a little face like he was surprised at her calling their daughter a parasite.

She stopped chowing down when she sensed Ben's irritation. "Aw, my Benben!" Franzi put down the box and quickly sucked the grease from her fingers. Waddling the few steps to his chair, she then plopped in his lap, threw her arms around his neck and planted a slightly cheesy kiss on his cheek. "We both love you. But she's eating all my food and energy!"

“Exactly, which is why you should be resting,” Ben said, wiping the cheese from his face. “All the cheesy pickle fries you can eat... from our couch.”

Franzi crinkled her nose. He had successfully backed her into a corner on this. "I'll think about it?"

"I guess that's better than your previous answer," he said, with a shrug. It was his turn to press a kiss to her cheek and he put a hand on her back and rubbed it gently as she sat in his lap. "I've missed you all morning."

"How could you?" she asked, nuzzling against his neck. "You're so busy."

"I always miss you when you're not with me," he told her. "Busy or not." He rested her head against hers and then closed his eyes as he took a soothing deep breath in. "I love you."

"I love you, too, oumriel," she whispered back. "I love you, too."