USS Healy


Mission 0: The Healy Returns

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The USS Healy has been docked at Outpost 39 for just over forty-eight hours and members of the crew are finally transitioning from securing the ship to moving into a stand-down schedule for a few days. During that time crew members are required to be aboard only if scheduled to be on watch but are otherwise off duty. Once returning to work on an in port schedule crew exchanges are occurring and the ship is planning to make their next mission to begin exploration of a new area of space.

Emergent Conflict

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The Healy has been ordered to rendez vous with the USS Gilgamesh, where orders from one Vice Admiral Trevor Feodoroff were given to Wilcox personally. The captain later reveals that he has been transferred away from the Healy and is not at liberty to say how, why, or where to, except that he does not agree with the orders. But orders are orders, and Wilcox gets on the Gilgamesh. In his place, a new captain is transferred onto the Healy, Captain Eli McCallister.

McCallister also comes with orders. The location beacon of the USS Yorktown, Healy’s predecessor has come back online. The problem is, it transmitted on a public frequency and not on Starfleet secured frequencies.

The Healy will approach the Yorktown, which has crash landed on the Kaldovar-3. The Kaldovar system is an unclaimed system approximately 20 light years from the bordering Breen system. The Healy though, is 35 light years from the Kaldovar system.

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