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Lieutenant Commander Tullos

Name Tullos

Position Chief Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Bolian
Age 36

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 0"
Weight 225 lbs
Eye Color Dark Blue
Physical Description Tullos like all Bolians is completely bald, a cartilaginous ridge bifurcating runs along his head and down to the middle of his chest, and has blue skin.

A tall and muscular man who makes every attempt to maintain a clean and professional appearance while on duty.


Father Admiral Tarlin - Starfleet Command, Earth
Mother Dr. Yarlin - Starfleet Medical, Earth / Dr. Vinil - Starfleet Medical, Eart (Deceased)
Sister(s) Lt. Varin - Chief Science Officer, USS Hera

Personality & Traits

General Overview Tullos is generally a cheerful individual who is always willing to help his crewmates accomplish tasks. He is a well rounded officer and offers years of experience in his field. Tullos makes friends easily and upholds the standards set fourth by the Federation.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Well rounded bridge officer
+Works well under pressure

-Not a fan of blood
-Poor at medical issues
Ambitions Tullos would like to continue his career in Starfleet and perhaps work his way up the command ladder.
Hobbies & Interests Tullos enjoys working out trying to stay in great shape is important to him. He also enjoys continuing his martial arts training and running drills with his security teams. While off duty he enjoys time in the holodecks or hanging with friends to unwind.

Personal History Tullos was born on Starbase one fifty one to the stations Executive Officer, Commander Tarlin and the stations CMO and ACMO. The pair of co-wives where both physicians and carried the rank of Lieutenant. Yarlin and Vinil had both become pregnant at the same time and would go on to give birth to little blue skinned bundles of joy. Yarlin a male, named Tullos and Vinlin a female named Varin. The family would spend the next seven years stationed at the starbase and would make many friends. However Commander Tarlin was offered his own command and the family transferred to the USS Calvary, a refit Excelsior class starship.

The children would continue their primary education and again make friends, while their parents continued in their respective positions as Commanding Officer, CMO and ACMO until one horrible night when the Calvary stumbled across what they thought was a derelict ship and were taken by surprise when a group of pirates beam directly into several departments, one being sickbay. While protecting her patient Vinil was murdered by the pirates, before security could incapacitate the intruders.

The family and Starfleet suffered a great loss that day, but shortly after the funeral the Calvary and her crew were called back into action. The crew took a special satisfaction hunting down and disabling the base of the same pirate faction that took the life of one of Tullo's mothers.

When it was time for Tullos and his sister to enter the academy, they did and would both make decent grades all through basic courses. When it was time to choose a specialty Tullos choose star ship operations and rather enjoyed tinkering around on assignments they were given in their classes.

The siblings were separated at the end of their courses and given their first assignments. The newly commissioned Ensigns received assignments of Science Officer and biologist and Operations Officer. Each were more than happy with their assignments and would gain a little experience under their belts. Tullos would serve aboard the USS Vesta as Operations Officer for three years before he was promoted and moved into the role of Assistant Chief Operations Officer. The Bolian officer would also cross train and get more experience by assisting in the engineering department when ever he could.

By the time Tullos reached his next assignment aboard the USS Cross he held the rank of Lieutenant and served as Chief Operations Officer. He proved himself a valuable asset to his command team and would work with the ships Chief Engineer to improve several of the Defiant class star ships systems. Including weapon system output and shield capacity. The teams would hold the small ship together through several enemy encounters and impressing both the CO and Starfleet. Sadly after just four years aboard the Cross the ship was damaged beyond repair and the Federation decided to scarp her for parts, leaving the crew to be transferred to assignments they were needed on.

Tullos was given a promotion to Lieutenant Commander and transferred to the USS Healy to serve as Chief Operations Officer aboard a new Insignia class starship.