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Captain Jason Wilcox

Name Jason Wilcox

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 38

Physical Appearance

Height 187 cm.
Weight 78 kg.
Hair Color Strawberry red.
Eye Color Pale blue.
Physical Description Jason is tall, lanky and doesn't look all that imposing. He is often found with a cheeky but friendly smile and a sparkle in his eyes. He normally sports a small reddish brown ringbeard.


Spouse None.
Children Jonas Wilcox
Father Richard Wilcox
Mother Diana Wilcox
Brother(s) Josephine Wilcox (5 years younger)
Sister(s) David Wilcox (3 years older)

Personality & Traits

General Overview If one were to describe Jason in a few keywords, it would be these: Friendly, easy going, chatty, quick with a smile.

But those aren't all as applicable to Jason. He is a person who is quick with the smile because people suspect less because of it. He's charming and witty because it disarms a lot of individuals. He's friendly, because you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.

It's not that he's a sociopath, he genuinely likes people and likes what he does. But this behaviour stems from his days in his previous profession.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
Socially capable, analytical, charming.

Manipulative, cunning, skeptical.
Ambitions To retire on a small rural planet and build a vineyard.
Hobbies & Interests Historical novels, technology in all forms, krav maga, horticulture.

Personal History Date of Birth April 21st, 2354

Born on Alpha Centauri into a happy family, Jason was always around family. He grew up on a large plantation where his family grew various fruits. It was something Jason always loved to share with his siblings, to run around the plants and pick fruits and play.

When Jason graduated high school he attended Harvard University for the agricultural sciences, expecting to run the plantation with his brother after graduation. It was during his first year at Harvard he found himself pulled to a wanderlust he couldn't supress anymore. He took passage on a small freighter and left Earth. He explored the Galaxy, hopping from freighter to freighter for two years before finding his way back on Earth. There he applied to Starfleet Academy.

While at the Academy he was silently drafted into Section 31. He had shown tactical aptitude. He was groomed by Section 31 to properly rise through the ranks. After several weeks of indoctrination by Section 31 Jason was approached by Starfleet Intelligence who showed him what was on his path. He was then convinced to not quit Section 31, but to become a counter-agent for Starfleet Intelligence.

This continued for several years as he was given small tasks by Section 31. He reported on his assignments to Intelligence and then continue with his cover. He graduated with honors from Starfleet Academy, in the top 5 percent of the Security officers.

His first duty station was on board the U.S.S. Farragut where he ended up being the gamma-shift tactical officer. He was moved there by Section 31. The commanding officer of the Farragut, Richard Redmon was suspected to be a Changeling. It was expected of Jason to explore the option and report back regularly on Captain Redmon's actions. When the suspission turned out to be a dead end after a year long investigation, Jason was transferred to the U.S.S. Thunderchief. Here he promomted to lieutenant j.g. and made assistant chief of security/tactical.

His posting on the Thunderchief was also a move by Section 31. He was there to convince the executive officer, Lieutenant commander Lisa Turtly to come back into the fold. His orders from Starfleet Intelligence came with the same message, but also to be their agent as well. He succeeded in convincing the commander to rejoin Section 31, and Starfleet Intelligence.

He continued working on the Thunderchief for several years, working his way up to Chief of Security/Tactical. He also furthered his position inside Section 31. With the departure of the Thunderchief's commanding officer and the promotion of Commander Turtly, the ship was very much dedicated to Section 31's agenda. The several missions allowed for Jason to execute several assignments for Section 31, including the supposed of Captain Darren Cross, who was spirited away by Starfleet Intelligence.

After the attempted assasination Jason was transferred to Earth. He was posted on the Earth Spacedock as the sector Chief for security on the promenade. Being so close to Earth allowed Section 31 further infiltrate the Spacedock and its ship production capacities. Jason was ordered to transfer in several new junior agents through his position. During his stint on the Spacedock he was also ordered to place explosives around the office of Admiral Junto, commanding officer of the Spacedock. Being the Chief of Security for the promenade, he would be part of the investigation, allowing any potential trace evidence that would lead to him to disappear. Again Starfleet Intelligence stepped in and secured the Admiral before he was killed.

This last action was what lead to the clearing out of Section 31 by Starfleet Intelligence. They neutralized several dozen agents of the operation, including two admirals. It also allowed Jason to finally step out of his role as a double agent after such a long time.

He was transferred to the U.S.S. Healy as it's chief of Tactical/Security after it was commissioned. He was released from his commitment to Starfleet Intelligence and finally allowed to be only a Starfleet Officer, though some habits die hard
Service Record Harvard University, Department of Agriculture: 2372
Starfleet Academy, Department of Security and Tactical operations: 2372-2376
U.S.S. Farragut, Gamma-Shift Tactical/Security Officer: 2376-2377
U.S.S. Thunderchief, Assistant Chief Tactical/Security Officer: 2377-2379
U.S.S. Thunderchief, Chief Tactical/Security Officer: 2379-2383
Earth Spacedock, Chief of Security, Promenade sectors: 2383-2387
U.S.S. Healy, Chief of Tactical/Security: 2387-2388