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Civilian Veznia

Name Veznia

Position Chief Diplomatic Officer

Rank Civilian

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Denobulan
Age 274

Physical Appearance

Height 5’2”
Weight 162 LBS
Hair Color Chestnut Brown
Eye Color Cerulean
Physical Description Short and stout, Veznia stands at a rather unimpressive five foot two inches tall. He hair is generally loose, however she pulls it into a loose bun when the situation dictates. Despite this, she is able to polish her look for formal affairs.

Her work clothing is worn with ease and little regard for regulations, and emphasis on her own comfort.


Father Yolan
Mother Kesslia
Brother(s) Kesslo
Sister(s) Yertna
Other Family As a Denobulan, Veznia has a large number of familial relations spanning her father's six marriages, and her mother's four. Altogether she has a over 600 notable relations over several generations.

Given her situation, she has been blessed to know even more family than she would have.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Veznia is a bit jaded about her Denobulan heritage. After so much exposure and interaction with with Human's, she finds her peoples polyamorous ways deplorable and unnecessary.

Vez is known to have a good sense of humour, sometimes bordering on vulgar. She always finds it in herself to at least attempt to make light of serious situations, to defuse tension and put those around her at ease.

She is considered strong willed and steady in her convictions. She will fight againt that which she believes is wrong and to uphold what she believes in.
Ambitions Veznia hopes to one day use the knowledge she has acquired to teach, molding the minds of those who follow her path and that of doctors before her.
Hobbies & Interests Be znia is a keen collector of rare, alien alcohols. She is always hunting for new and exotic vintages to add to her stock.

She is known to share in a bottle from her stash with her friends.

She also enjoys singing. It is something she had always had a talent for, and prefers classics from Earth.

Personal History Born in the Kaybin District on Denobula's only continent to Yolan and Kesslia, Veznia is their third born child, and the ninth in her extended family. She was raised under the tutledge of several familial relations before she was old enough to attend school

Growing up, Veznia found herself fighting for the attention of her father and her mother, who had their hands full with the countless children between their various relationships. To help herself through the feelings of rejection, Vez used humour. It wasn't long before she realized, she enjoyed making other people laugh, even at her own expense.

Towards the end of her teen years, Veznia began to discover that she enjoyed helping people. It was then she decided to pursue medicine. She was accepted to the Jaryed University, Medical program, and studied for five and a half years. Upon her graduation she took her Medical residency at the Denobulan Infantry headquarters, where she served for two and a half years. Under the wing of Doctor Phalo, the Infantry's top physician, Vez saw the creation of the Interspecies Medical Exchange.

With the burgeoning relationship with United Earth, Veznia decided to join the very program her mentor fostered, and travelled from her home planet to the Sol system to work with her people's new allies. She took a job at a civilian hospital in New York City. There she adapted to life with Human's and learned all about their medical practices.

It was the suggestion of her supervisor that she apply to United Earth Starfleet. Veznia was intrigued by the idea and did just that. After a very long waiting period of nearly a year, the Denobulan doctor was admitted and began her training with Starfleet.

As she already had her Medical Schooling under her belt, Veznia was put through the Direct Officer Candidate School to teach her the ins and outs of Starfleet, as well as several courses to help her acclimatize to psuedo-military life.

Her first assignment following her training was aboard the Washington. for a duration of three years she served as a doctor while the ship explored the Alpha Quadrant. She found her time there uneventful, but felt there was more she could experience. When Washington was recalled to Earth, Veznia was reassigned as Senior Medical Officer aboard the Eagle.

Serving aboard Eagle was a whirlwind adventure for the awestruck Denobulan from day one. She was able to meet new species and explore the galaxy with her new friends.

With interactions with so many new races, Veznia decided to pursue Starfleet Courses in Diplomacy, and xenolionguistics remotely. These new skills came in handy as Eagle made contact with 13 new species in their first 5 year mission.

While on a routine science mission exploring an extremely uncommon phenomenon, a Black Star. Veznia joined a shuttle team to take in closer readings of the star, but soon found the craft being pulled in by the gravity of the celestial body. This activity pulled the shuttle through a tear in space and time and deposited them in the year 2381.

The shuttle was picked up by a Starfleet Patrol ship. When the shuttle and it’s three occupants were identified as those missing in action from the Eagle over two hundred years prior they were immediately taken to Starbase 65 before being transported to Starfleet Command for intensive debrief and reintegration counselling.

Veznia took the opportunity to look up her family history and was pleased to find out that she had living relatives, a single sister still alive, and countless nieces and nephews over several generations. She spent some time on Denobula with her kin before returning to Starfleet to attempt re-enlisting.

She was taken as a medical officer aboard Seep Space K-17, following its extensive overhaul. She served for two years before returning to the Academy to update her knowledge in diplomacy and Xenolinguistics. She joined the Corps of Diplomats and served as a Chief Diplomat on the USS Dauntless before being transferred to Healy.