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Lieutenant Junior Grade Aurora 0807-A

Name Aurora 0807-A

Position Assistant Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant Junior Grade

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human (clone)
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 1.68m
Weight 54kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Aurora is an attractive woman possessing a lithe frame, with short, straight black hair and bright blue eyes. her most distinctive feature is the fluorescent blue tattoo on the back of her left hand, a curious symbol that looks like a quarter moon with the number/letter combination "0807-A" beneath it.


Spouse Single
Children None
Father None
Mother None
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) Most notable:
Aurora 0801-A, Aurora 0799-C, Aurora 0806-C, Aurora 0707-Z

Personality & Traits

General Overview Many words come to mind when it comes to describing Aurora 0807-A: stubborn, resilient, determined are just a few. Aurora has faced the odds and overcame them, and even when it seemed utterly hopeless she persevered. She is more comfortable with machines than people, mostly because machines make more sense in this wide universe. That does not mean she is misanthropic, only that if it came down to a choice between tearing apart a warp drive and a party the warp drive is first on her dance card.
Strengths & Weaknesses Aurora is not intentionally racist, but she is a product of her environment. Caramean society is insular and xenophobic by nature and citizens are raised in a society that rejects that which is different. For this reason Aurora is still uncomfortable around non-humans, but she is well aware the fault is her own and she has striven to overcome her deep seated prejudices.

Coming from a society of limited names, Aurora has always had problems remembering new ones. For this reason she always walks around with a PADD to help her remember.

Aurora's principle strengths are her explorer's spirit, a desire to learn new things and especially new technologies. She is hard working, never afraid to take on extra shifts, and she is still suffering from xenophobic tendencies it does not mean she does not respect other species or cultures and in fact wishes to learn more, to overcome what she knows are deficiencies in her character.
Ambitions Aurora's immediate ambition is to become a Chief Engineering Officer, beyond that she envisions a time when she might work at Utopia Planetia, designing new star ships. While she could have gone the route of researcher she felt learning how ships worked first hand "in the field" can be invaluable knowledge in designing future generations of vessels. Practice trumps theory, in her view.
Hobbies & Interests Aurora's favorite hobby is to construct model ships. While people can easily design a vessel on a computer and replicate it, Aurora employs materials like plastic and employs tools to sculpt concept vessels with incredibly fine tools. These ships are usually just a dozen or so centimeters in length and adorn the wall of her quarters.

Personal History Centuries ago a ship departed from Earth containing a group of colonists with an unusual philosophy. Call the Carameans after their founder, Hannah Caramea, these men and women were going to set out to establish a colony of clones. Each member contributed a different skill set or specialty that would fulfill an advanced society’s needs (i.e. farming/botany, engineering, administration, medicine/biology, etc.). They traveled for months at low warp speed until they found a remote habitable planet and settled, believing they were many, many decades away from discovery. The colony was established and in the initial years it thrived, then tragedy struck when the founder and leader, Doctor Caramea, died, all her DNA samples destroyed. Still, the colony survived and compensated for the loss.

A great many years later a young woman exited the creche, an Aurora who was destined to follow her destiny as an astronomer, or astrophysicist or some other field of space science. Only…this young woman, Aurora 0807-A, did not want to pursue the path her numerous clone sisters had taken before her. Aurora 0807-A wanted to be an engineer.

This sort of thing had happened before, but colonial administrators had always tried to steer clones clear of any attempt to disrupt the society with their radical thoughts. Counselors tried to talk 0807-A out of this “unwise” course of action, but the young woman was adamant. Aurora overcame obstacles before her and she was finally(!) accepted into school. And then something happened to de-rail her ambitions when she was accused of cheating. It was a set up and she knew it, but even if she was vindicated Aurora knew someone else down the line would find some other way to stymie her dreams. Nevertheless she fought to clear her name and succeeded, and was fully prepared to take on the next challenge regardless of how hopeless it seemed.

And then a plan came to mind, an alternative.

The Federation had discovered Caramea when Aurora had been a child and exposure to their representatives had been strictly monitored. Over the years more and more people were allowed to meet the visitors, and among them were Aurora clones, some of them 0807-A’s close older sisters. While they did not fully understand their younger sibling’s desires, they were determined to do whatever it took to help her achieve her goals. They approached Federation ambassadors and casually asked about a term known as “asylum”.

Not long after that Aurora 0807-A was bound for The Federation and Starfleet Academy.
Service Record 2288-2290: Engineer, USS Hiraga Gennai
2291-2292: Warp Core Specialist, USS Kestrel
2292: Assistant Chief Engineer, USS Kestrel
2393-present: Assistant Chief Engineer, USS Healy