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Chief Warrant Officer 2 Nathalie Goldberg

Name Nathalie Rivka Goldberg

Position Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Chief Warrant Officer 2

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 40

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7"
Weight 135 lbs.
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Brown
Physical Description Nat is just slightly above average in height with long, wavy, black hair and dark brown eyes. There is sometimes a brightness to her eyes and her smile, but that sparkle has faded over the years and has been replaced, bit by bit, with weariness.


Spouse Alex Vogler (divorced); Phillip McGrig (divorced)
Children Mattan (born on Cardassia, late 2375, presumed dead)
Father Ari Goldberg
Mother Mathilde Elbaz
Brother(s) Asher
Sister(s) Heather

Personality & Traits

General Overview Nat is rarely afraid to speak her mind. If she doesn't like someone, they know it. She’s intense and determined. Because she’s experienced suffering, she feels deep compassion for those who are hurt or grieving.

Motto: “He who is compassionate to the cruel will ultimately become cruel to the compassionate."
Ambitions She's not so sure anymore.
Hobbies & Interests In her spare time, Nat enjoys dancing and playing the piano. Although she has an extensive knowledge of agriculture, it's not one of her primary interests.

Languages: Federation Standard, Hebrew, French, Cardassian

Personal History Nathalie was born on a religious kibbutz, Sde Shalev, located in the northwestern region of the Negev desert on October 30, 2353. She grew up as part of the collective, educated in the kibbutz school and working on the farm. While her brother and three sisters remained a part of that lifestyle, Nat—with the blessing of her family—enlisted in Starfleet at 17 and trained as a gunner’s mate. Within two years of her enlistment, the Dominion War broke out and she was deployed to the Cardassian front where she was an active part of the First Battle of Chin’toka. She met Alex Vogler, a corpsman serving aboard the Pervak, and fell into a whirlwind romance amidst the intensity of the war. They married at the end of 2374, after only a few months of knowing each other.

In early 2375, Nat was assigned to supporting a team tasked with taking out a Ketracel-white production facility in Cardassian space. The unit was quickly overwhelmed by Jem’Hadar soldiers—Nat was wounded in close-quarters combat and, in the fray, she was left for dead. When her team attempted to recover her body, they found nothing. Nathalie woke up to find that she had been taken prisoner by Cardassians.

Unable to extract valuable information from Nathalie, they turned her over to Gul Gorell, who took a perverse liking to the stubborn human. He smuggled her to his home on Cardassia where he continued to abuse her. Within months, she was pregnant. The gul’s attentions softened, becoming almost affectionate. Nat used this new leniency to start planning her escape. She would listen closely to everything and collect scraps of anything that might be useful. During the uprisings leading up to the Battle of Cardassia, Gorell joined Legate Damar’s rebellion and became even more scarce. During one of his long absences, Nat managed to gain access to a communications console in the Gorell compound. Before she could finish setting up a transmission, however, she was caught and sequestered.

The battle began during this isolation—and Nathalie went into labor. At the end of the six hour ordeal, she gave birth to a boy named Mattan. While holding him in the hours that followed, the dizzy, exhausted new mother fell asleep and the half-Cardassian child was taken away for further medical treatment. At the height of the siege, a ground squad swept through the Gorrell home to hasten evacuation. Upon finding a human hidden away, they extracted her immediately to the USS Hestia where she was identified as a missing NCO. Mattan was not recovered.

Nat was granted temporary disability retirement, during which she was treated for her mental and physical trauma. During the two years before she was returned to active duty, she lived and worked at Sde Shalev, slowly growing stronger and finding peace in the simplicity of agrarian life. Alex had gone through the trouble of having her declared dead in absentia and had already moved on—the two never reconciled. Her first assignment back was as Gunner’s Mate aboard the Nebula-class USS Mercury, which was on a postwar exploration and charting mission to the Gamma Quadrant.

During this mission, in late-2380, she met her second husband, CWO3 Phillip McGrig, the XO of the ship’s Marine detachment. In retrospect, there was no way the relationship would last. Between their different service branches, their ranks, their tempers, and the 16 year gap in their ages, it shouldn’t have gone past that first night. The intensity of their affair blinded each to inherent problems in the pairing and they married in a quick shoreleave ceremony in 2382. Despite the early speculations of doom, their union lasted for nine years. Rather than imploding, for each it was a sad, exhausting end after separate assignments, separate infidelities, and diverging career paths.

Before their divorce, Phil had encouraged Nat in pursuing a warrant commission. She was skeptical, not confident in her mastery of her field, but he (correctly) pointed out that she spent more time doting over “her” torpedoes than with him. In 2390, she completed Starfleet’s WOCS program, where she focused on leadership skills as well as refining her technical expertise.
Service Record 2371 Enlisted
2371-2372 Trainee, Mars
2372-2375 USS Pervak, GM3
2375 Prisoner of War, Cardassia
2376-2378 Temporary Disability Retirement
2378 USS Mercury, GM3
2380 Promoted to GM2
2385 USS Irie, promoted to GM1
2390 Starfleet WOCS/WOBC, appointed to WO1
2390-2392 USS Bachman
2392-2393 USS Skylark/Starbase 65
2393-present USS Healy