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The area of space known as the Horuulis Expanse was always of interest to Starfleet and the United Federation of Planets due to the tales of unexplored planets and systems inhabited with sentient life, including that of some warp capable societies. However, due to the lack of relationships allowing transport through the territory of the Talarians and Tzenkethi, they were unable to access the area. The region of space between the Tzenkethi and Breen, however, provided a natural corridor due to gravimetric storms and other spatial phenomenon rendering the area too hazardous to travel.

In 2390, the storms seemed to have disappeared and space travel seemed possible through the corridor between Federation territory and the Horuulis Expanse to the Tzenkethi and Breen territories. Starfleet sent a vessel to investigate and they determined that the area was indeed safe for space travel. When they began to journey further into the corridor to chart it their vessel was attacked by an unknown group of vessels and retreated.

A second attempt was made by Starfleet in 2391 to send another vessel into the Expanse, however, contact was lost with the vessel. In the aftermath of the loss of the USS Yorktown, the second vessel to enter the expanse operations within the area were canceled by Starfleet Command.

Between the desire to explore the expanse and the threat that these new hostile entities provided, the Federation Council tasked Starfleet with the exploration of the corridor, the expanse, and securing the Federation Border Starfleet Command issued orders to Task Force 39's Commanding Officer, Vice Admiral Brianna Avery, to establish operations within the expanse and corridor.

In our current year, 2394, the Task Force now fully operational within the Area of Operations and made all preparations for its Flagship, the USS Healy, to make entry into the corridor. The USS Healy is under the command of Captain Benjamin Bahe and calls Outpost 39 its homeport based in the Allura System.

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Latest News Items

» More Updates!

Posted on 30 Aug 2018 @ 7:53am by Rear Admiral Benjamin Bahe in Sim Announcement

Sorry guys! I forgot to mention something important... You can now view the USS Healy website at

As we have transferred GMship Bahe will remain the IC CO until we write this out completely in character.

Stay tuned for more.


» Transfer of GMship

Posted on 30 Aug 2018 @ 7:51am by Rear Admiral Benjamin Bahe in Sim Announcement

It is with great pleasure that I would like to announce that as of today I will be handing over the GM reigns to Twan. With this change I will be transition Captain Bahe into the new Task Force Commanding Officer in character and him and Franzi will be moving aboard Outpost 39. I will be transitioning into one of my NPCs as my main character and this will allow me to remain a participant on the ship that has been my baby for quite a number of years. As you all know I've been a bit disinterested in writing as of late and while that desire to write is coming back I think after seventeen years of writing and leading a post-nemesis (or close to it) sim that it's time to take a little break.

I look forward to continuing to writing with you all and thank Twan for taking the lead in sim operations. I will remain an administrator, run the website, and assist Twan as much as he'd like moving forward.

Good luck Twan! And thank you for continuing our sim!


» USS Healy

Posted on 22 Jul 2018 @ 7:48pm by Rear Admiral Benjamin Bahe in Out of Character

The USS Healy website will be offline temporarily sometime within the next 48 hours for updates, URL change, etc.

» The Status of our Sims

Posted on 26 Jun 2018 @ 9:50am by Rear Admiral Benjamin Bahe in General News

I've been thinking heavily about the status of our community over the past few weeks. The energy I have for writing Star Trek has dwindled. I'm having some trouble coming up with fresh ideas to keep things moving. My interest in writing certain plots or unit types shifts often after around sixteen years of writing the same genre.

There has been little interest in the overall Task Force 39 community with little of the plans to develop moving forward. Most of this is my own fault because I find motivation in others wanting to participate and not just the desire to make it work on my own when it comes to these communities.

I've been looking at the USS Healy and wondering why I haven't been able to come up with the desire to write the solo posts to get the mission going. I love writing with each one of you and joint posts are fantastically easy and fun to write but when it comes time for me to sit down and work on my own it's getting harder and harder.

I've decided that I don't want to give up on the sims, however, I want them to succeed for us. I want to continue as a private community including the members we have currently and anyone you all wish to invite to the group but I will no longer be actively recruiting.

For the Healy, I'll be working with the AGM to get the mission going again. I ask that you guys just be patient as I get that rolling again. I am also going to be asking that anyone who is interested in developing a race to discover or to lead a mission step up and offer.

For the Eagle, we have missions planned and ready to go. I have started the new mission and there should be a response from every member of the crew in a discussion on the new mission at hand, preparations, and etc. There is a schedule of who should be on the bridge giving orders... Cavett has told the OOD to contact the XO and CMC who should start the gears moving as they received those orders and are now delegating to their subordinates and the like.

In addition, each member needs to send me a PM on the NOVA of EACH sim giving me their desire to continue as a member, what characters they want to be added or removed. We are no longer worried about leaving postings to attract new members so if you want to add additional characters to feel free. First come, first serve. If someone is not heard from within two weeks they will be removed.

As for activity, things have slowed, I'm okay with that. I'm currently working on some non-Star Trek writing that I'm pretty excited about. I have decided that both the Eagle & Healy will drop to requiring one post per month per member. Joint post responses should come as soon as possible still please don't keep your partners waiting forever... communicate intentions with speed with one another, etc.

Website stuff will start being simplified. I will be working on slowly updating the NOVAs to the newest version to be compliant with the European privacy stuff. I will also be shutting down the TF39 URL and moving everything back to just SPC Simms. I will also be looking at options for hosting as my hosting expires in August (I think) and I am going to see what pricing options are, etc.

As for Kepler and Hypatia I will continue to host them on our Discord and support them as best possible, with links to their sites, etc.

Any questions please feel free to DM me on Discord or send me a PM via the Nova.

Thank you all for your understanding and dedication over the years.


» Website URL Transition

Posted on 04 Feb 2018 @ 8:24pm by Rear Admiral Benjamin Bahe in Website Update

The USS Healy is beginning its URL change to there will be intermittent downtime as the domain propagates.

Latest Mission Posts

» A desert trip

Mission: Mission 0: The Healy Returns
Posted on 31 Oct 2018 @ 11:32pm by Chief Warrant Officer 2 Nathalie Goldberg & Lieutenant Commander Apaxi Volcum

"Volcum to Goldberg. Nat, can you meet me on Holodeck 3?" Apaxi asked as he overlooked the sandy dunes. He wore a loose white shirt that softly billowed in the wind, "And make sure you wear something suitable for a warm evening." He added hastily.

Nathalie was just stepping out…

» You're here!

Mission: Mission 0: The Healy Returns
Posted on 28 Oct 2018 @ 5:59pm by Petty Officer First Class Ava Capatosta & Lieutenant Commander Apaxi Volcum

Ava was in her duty uniform she was actually on duty and so she carried a sidearm on her belt. She rang the chime on the Chief Engineer's Office excited to surprise him. Ava and Apaxi had known each other for years when they met he was a PO1 and…

» Oh God

Mission: Mission 0: The Healy Returns
Posted on 13 Oct 2018 @ 3:34pm by Rear Admiral Benjamin Bahe & Lieutenant Junior Grade April Novak MD & Lieutenant Commander Franziska Ekke MD

After checking the computer to find that LCDR Ekke was in fact in her quarters and that her father was in fact not with her she practically ran from hers to theirs. She rang the bell about five times and then remembered that the counselor was enormous and she should…


Mission: Mission 0: The Healy Returns
Posted on 15 Aug 2018 @ 12:04am by Commander Dominic Dalgaard MD, PsyD & Lieutenant Kesari Lor

While Kesari was readying her new lab, the sharp edge of a stray slide founds its way into the palm of her hand. Now, with a rag pressed to wound and a concerned look on her face, she hustled into the medical bay looking for a doctor. (And perhaps some…

» The (Coffee) Fix Is In

Mission: Mission 0: The Healy Returns
Posted on 29 Jul 2018 @ 7:38pm by Captain Jason Wilcox & Lieutenant Kesari Lor

It was early on a Monday morning—Kesari's second Monday aboard the Healy. She was dressed and ready for her usual gym appointment, but she needed something first. She needed the taste of her great love on her lips. She needed coffee.

Over the past ten days, she had methodically tested…